Monday, June 30, 2008

Dunn v. CAS Ottawa Resolution Discussions Break Down

After almost a year of attempting to resolve the charges between Dunn and the Ottawa Children's Aid Society, the talks have come to an end.

Dunn says "the entire time we have attempted to resolve this matter as requested by the CAS, their legal Counsel has been threatening me with unwarranted charges of 'unauthorized practice of law' and 'abuse of process' and telling me that I should not inform Society's members of the procedures they have a right to know about in order to change the By-Laws if they so desire. In the end, when I offered as part of the resolution agreement to stay the charges rather than drop them their Counsel said that he would be advising his clients that this is not acceptable. Their behaviour throughout this entire procedure has been nothing but abusive and authoritarian when it is them who have committed the Offence and them asked to enter into the resolution discussions in the first place. Unless there is a significant change I do not intend to continue with the resolution discussion procedure."

Trial is set for October 08, 2008 at the court house near Algonquin College (Baseline Station) in court room 102 at 1:30pm on October 08, 2008, 100 Constellation Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Provincial Child Advocate

Ontario's Child Advocate
If you are a child or youth in care or a family member, contact the Advocate [here]

5 Year Legislative Review of CFSA (the Act)

The Child and Family Services Act will be under review in 2010. We'll hold online meetings regarding this review so get involved!

Ottawa CAS Board Vetos Recommendation for Whistleblower Policy

During a regular Board meeting of the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa on June 10, 2008 the Board voted down repeated recomendations from their auditors to create a whistle blower policy to protect staff who report alleged wrongdoing

Parent Finders New Website

Parent Finders has a newly renovated web site if you are interested in visiting it at this here