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Mr. Dunn,

This is response to your query of April 15th, 2008.

The following is the process for public delegation. The request is sent to President Rick O'Connor through the secretary to the Board,

Mary Parisien
1602 Telesat Court
Ottawa, K1B 1B1

Becoming a delegation

Anyone wishing to become a delegation to the Board gives notice at least ten days prior to the date of a regular Board meeting, with a written statement as to the subject matter of the presentation and those who will be in attendance. It is desirable that a written summary of the presentation be provided for distribution to the members of the Board before the meeting.

Delegations from without the jurisdiction of the Society are required to notify the Society of same and to specify, in their written statement, how the proposed subject matter is relevant to this community and to the Society.

Time allotment

Generally, delegations are given five minutes to make the presentation, however the time may be extended by the Chair of the meeting, but not beyond ten minutes in total. It is expected that the speakers will be limited to two persons as representatives on behalf of the delegation.

Relevance of the subject matter of a presentation

The subject must have some relevance to the mandate of the Society.

However, the Board will not hear matters that are:

  • the subject of labour negotiations;
  • the subject of contractual negotiations or service agreements with
    service providers;
  • in relation to a specific client, employee or volunteer of the Society.

Generally, matters that are subject to the requirement to be heard in camera will not be heard by the Board. However, there may be circumstances where the Chair believes that the Board should receive representations on such an issue and accordingly such representations shall be heard in camera, subject to the same limitations of time.


Following a delegation's presentation, a question period of a maximum of five minutes will be allowed for the purpose of seeking clarification from the delegation.

Similar matters

The chair may limit the number of delegations that are to appear respecting
the same issue.

A delegation that has been heard on an issue may not appear again on that same issue within the twelve months following the presentation, except that it may be given an opportunity to comment should the issue raised come back to the Board for a report following consideration of the initial representations.


Matters not otherwise covered by the above rules and guidelines are within the jurisdiction of the Chair, subject to any decision of the Board.

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