Friday, July 22, 2005

Making Connections

I wrote a letter to an old foster parent this month. (July 2005) They were the LeBretons. Having lived there for approximately four years from the age of 9 until I was thirteen, I formed quite a bond with them. They treated us like we were their own boys. I also have the best memories of my childhood from this home and it's surrounding neighborhood.

While I was working on the support web site for former foster kids, I recieved a phone call from Georges LeBreton. (Pappa) He talked to me for about a half hour, and we got along great. He told me "you were a good kid" which almost brought me to tears to hear from him. He also told me that Maria LeBreton, (Mama) had passed away a couple of years ago. I have cried a few times already at hearing this news, because I really like her and wanted to visit her again.

I don't know what else to write right now, I am a little zoned out from this, so I will write more later. We also talked about making a visit to each other some time in the near future which I am looking forward to emensely. (Georges LeBreton from Burnt River (near Fenlon Falls)

Monday, July 11, 2005

OACAS - Recomendation: Section 68 CFSA

NOTE: Reply has been received and I will post asap

Marv Bernstein
Director of Policy
Development & Legal Support
Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies

Monday, July 11, 2005

Re: Recommendation to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services – Section 68 CFSA

Hello Marv Bernstein,

My name is John Dunn, Executive Director of the Foster Care Council of Canada. In the middle of June 2005, I contacted the OACAS's Gail Vandermeulen regarding the OACAS's recent recommendation to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services five year review of the Child and Family Services Act to ask how the OACAS came up with a recommendation to remove two vital stages in the complaints procedure, which give the complainant the ability to escalate their complaint to a CAS Board of Directors and if not satisfied with their resolution or lack thereof, to escalate the complaint to the Ministry for a review, which has the secondary benefit to complainants of having their decisions subject to review by the Ombudsman of Ontario.

Gail Vandermeulen then referred me to your office stating that you were involved in formulating that part of the recommendation. I left a voice message with you asking if you could call me with information on this matter, and have not yet heard from you.

I thought I would remind you of my call, and ask if you could contact me regarding the decision making process which resulted in the recommendation to change section 68 of the Act which will remove all levels of external accountability within the Children's Aid Societies and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services with regard to complaints filed by CAS clients and their advocates.

I can be contacted at 613-228-2178 or by email at


John Dunn
The Foster Care Council of Canada

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Adoptees Need To Fight

An open letter by COAR (Coalition for Open Adoption Records)
Volunteers Needed Now!

Although it is summer, we need to continue fighting. We have shown that adoptees have rights. Now we need to demonstrate that we are ordinary people living in an intolerable situation.

We are looking for adoptees and birth relatives who are willing to tell their story to members of the local media. COAR will make the contacts but we need volunteers to explain how the closed adoption system has impacted their lives.Â

If you surrendered a child in the past, this is your opportunity to let the province know what really happened to you, how you were treated, and how the loss of your child changed your life.

If you are adopted, Ontario needs to understand that your desire to know who you are, to find someone whom you resemble, or to meet your birth family are not idle whims but deep seated needs that are natural and normal.

If you are willing to become involved or would like more information, please write to Wendy at or Karen at for more information.

Visit their site at