Monday, May 30, 2005

Request To Catholic Children's Aid Society for Medical Information

I am requesting the names of all of the doctors and dentists who attended to me during the entire sixteen years of which I was a Crown Ward under the Catholic Children's Aid Society in order that I can use this information to try and learn more about my medical background.

The Information and Privacy office called me today to state that the CAS is exempt from their jurisdiction even for health information as they are not considered a "Health Information Custodian".

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ontario Ombudsman Investigates Ministry


The new Ontario Ombudsman, Andre Marin, who took office April 01st
2005, has initiatiated an investigation into the Children's
Aid Society's practice of forcing parents to
relinquish custody of their children in order to receive assistance. He
is quoted as saying;

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Monday, May 02, 2005

CAS Refuses Meeting if Recorded

The York CAS executive director, Mr. MacNamara, tells client that he won't proceed with her complaint meeting if she is recording it. (an actual recording is at the end of this entry)

He starts off by telling her

"what we want to do is discuss the issues and see if we can arrive at some resolution, but if you start recording, that's uh, not going to be helpful in this, resolving the issues."

When she asks him why she can't record if they are acting in good faith, he then responds with "we're not going to proceed with the, the interview if you're going to tape it"

She goes on to say that she had previously written a letter stating that she was going to record the meeting, to which he answered " as I just said, were not going to proceed with the interview if, if you're going to tape it".

He then says "have you got the tape running now" to which she says "no" and he proceeds to say "let's see it, put it on the table then, let's take a look at it"

She proceeds to state her complaint issues, to which the Executive Director says he will not respond to her in this meeting but that he will respond in writing within 10 working days.

The client asks what the purpose was to come to this meeting in person, to which he says "the idea was to come and discuss it and see if we can problem solve it, but uh, not to do it with the tape and uh, if you want to talk for an hour, and put your concerns down, we'll certainly get back to you in writing."

After she discusses her issues with the English language, he then says "ok, well, uh, if you're not going to turn off the tape, we'll get back to you in writing within ten working days to the issues you've raised in your last two letters."

She asks if she is not satisfied he then says "We'll indicate that in a the uh, the letter itself, ok? our response to you"

She asks how to move to the next level in the complaint procedure, which is to talk to the Board of Directors, to which the Executive Director answers "well, let's talk about that when we get to that point, as I said, we'll respond in writing and you can decide when you receive our response the next step you need to go to."

He goes on to day again, "and this will be the last time I'll say this, if you're not prepared to turn off the tape, then the interview is over, ok?"

She gets up and starts walking out with him, thanks him for his time, and suggests to him on the way out that they should put in their complaint procedure that there are no tapes allowed, to which he answers "well, we'll start, we'll take that into account".

The tape then ends.

Listen here