Sunday, March 20, 2005

News Story - Mother "Abducts" Children

When I read the article about the mother of four who has taken her children from their Grandmothers house I was not surprised by her actions.

Almost any parent who has experience with the Children's Aid Society (CAS) will know that vulnerable parents who have troublesome or aggressive/violent partners often end up having their children apprehended by CAS workers rather than taking both the mother and the child into protective custody together.

Quite often a parent is a good parent, they just have to be protected from the dangerous one. Instead, the vulnerable parent and the children are further abused by the CAS workers from being taken away from their homes and often, separated from their own siblings and family members.

This then deteriorates the potentially positive working relationship between the CAS workers who are trying to "protect" the children and the good parent because the parent ends up fighting against the agency just to have visits with their own children, resulting in being labelled as "uncooperative". A serious label which can end up in a complete termination of access to their own children.

It was stated that the mother was not abusive to her children and a neighbour even thought she was a good mother. I would like to ask all teachers who may have known Ms. Chartier to come to the defense of this mother when they read more about her case. Attend her court cases if you can and support her. Obviously she is in need of some support.

Community supports are often a determinant in deciding if a child can remain with their parent.


MAY 29 2005
If anyone knows Marie Emilie Chartier, and if they know she would like to have her whole story, the truth, told to the public by someone who believes her please tell her to contact us here at The Foster Care Council of Canada. We can be reached by phone from 10am until 8pm at 613-228-2178 or by email at 613-228-2178.

We have been following the story and believe that this mother is not a criminal and that she did what she did for the best interests of her children.. we just want to be able to get the whole story from her so the public will truely understand.

This is the information from the police web site which makes her appear to be criminal. We are not sure of all the details yet until we hear from her, we can only assume that she acted in her children's best interests since everyone involved says she is not a child abuser. Including the police.

There was mention of there being a false allegation against her which we would like to clarify to the public what really happened in this case.

Ottawa Police Service

For Immediate Release: 15/05/2005

Update: Mother Arrested Charges Laid

Ottawa Police have arrested Marie Emilie CHARTIER. She

has been charged with abduction and breach of probation.

She was taken to Show Cause. She was held in custody and
<>will attend a Bail Hearing later this week. The children involved in this investigation are safely at <>home.

For further information contact Det. Gina Rosa ext 5282 or

5407 - Partner Assault

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday March 21, 2005 at 18:21 hours


Police have confirmed that Ms. CHARTIER, along with her

four children boarded a flight out of Dorval Airport,

Montreal, on March 15th, 2005 with a final destination of

Stockholm. Police, working in conjunction with their

partners will be continuing their efforts in ensuring the

safety of these children. Thank you for all your



Mother possibly in Montreal area

(Ottawa) - Police are investigating the possibility of

Ms.CHARTIER making attempts to leave the country out of

Trudeau ( Dorval ) Airport in Montreal. Ottawa Police have

been able to trace her movements to the Airport, however

have not been able to confirm whether or not she boarded a

flight. It is believed she may possibly be in the

Montreal area. The investigation is continuing.

Police investigate Abduction

(Ottawa) - Ottawa Police are currently looking for four

children and their mother whom they believe is responsible

for their abduction. Ms.Marie-Emilie CHARTIER had her

children taken away in 2004 under a court order and they

were subsequently under the care of the Children’s Aid

Society. Since that time, the four children were placed in

the care of their grandmother. On March 15th, 2005

Ms.CHARTIER took the four kids and advised the grandmother

she was going to spend the night at a friend’s residence.

Neither she nor the children have been heard from since

that time. Investigators are in the process obtaining a

warrant for her arrest.

Mr.CHARTIER is described as a black female, 35 yrs, 4’11”,

130 lbs, medium build with brown eyes and black hair.

Missing are

1# Anael CHARTIER - black female, 6 years old, medium build

with long black hair and brown eyes.

2# Mariel Charlotte CHARTIER - black female, 5 yrs old,

long black hair and brown eyes.

3# Michael CHARTIER - black male, 8 years old, thin build,

short black hair and brown eyes.

4# Marie Alexandre CHARTIER - black female, 12 years old,

thin build, short black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Det.Gina Rosa

of the Ottawa Police at 236-1222, extension 5407.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Department of Justice Quote


The research concerning family attachment generally shows that lack of attachment often results in maladaptive and antisocial behaviour among children and adolescents.5 Further, research has demonstrated that family disruption due to placement in a foster or group home can have negative effects on children and adolescents.6 Adoption studies have identified some of the same negative effects, although not to the same extent.7 Negative effects can take various forms, such as behavioural problems, decreases in intellectual and academic functioning, and internalizing behaviours

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

95% Not Re-Abused - Jane Scharf

Attention: John Dunn Director,
Foster Care Council of Canada

Dear John:

I am so outraged by the following statement from the "Child Welfare Program
Evaluation Report":

"Program effectiveness was evaluated based on child outcomes, system outcomes, integration and accountability. The child outcomes data that was collected indicates that children in care are safer, as 95% did not experience re-abuse while in care."

In 2002 as you know I worked in a group home. The group home was privately operated, however, Children's Aid Society (CAS) placed the children and supervised this group home. During the time I worked there I saw young children improperly restrained as punishment in violation of Ministry policy. Restraints were only to be used in extreme cases of eminent danger.

Rather these restraints were done for such things as refusal to do homework, take a bath etc. and were conducted daily even on very young children who could not pose eminent danger to self or others.

I tried everything I could to encourage the owners of the group home to employ less intrusive, dangerous means of discipline to no avail. Each time a restraint was done a report was made to CAS. I had copies of some of these restraint reports which confirmed that restraints were being done on very young children who were not posing a danger to themselves or others.

I eventually reported these restraints to police. I also advised police that one child had complained that he was hurt during a restraint. The police told me that they were going to lay charges of excessive use of force and they were planning to get a search warrant to cease the original restraint reports from the group home as evidence. Before the police took action the CAS intervened and took on the investigation so the police backed off.

The CAS did not interview me even though I told them I was willing to provide witness statements. A few days after the CAS took over the investigation I was fired from the group home without proper cause and I received severance pay.

After a week I called CAS to find out the outcome of the investigation and was told that it was confidential. I spoke to a parent of a child who had complained about restraints in the group home who told me that they were not interviewed nor was their child interviewed by CAS or police. I learned that no charges were laid.

So I for one am not buying the 95% of children are not re-abused once they came into care because I do not believe the abuse that is reported is investigated properly because CAS investigates itself.

John you may pass this out as broadly as you chose and your readers can visit my website for more details of my experience.

Jane Scharf