Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Another Child In Care Being Abused

I have not asked the natural parent or parents yet if I can post this particular story, so I will not give any details as to where this person or these persons reside.

All I can say is that this parent or these parents had their child or children taken for reasons other than child abuse. With that said, I have to ask the following questions? Why is it, that a child or children who get removed from their family for non-abusive reasons, does that child or children get moved through their third foster home in just as many months? Why is it that this child or these children come home for visits and speak of physical abuse and emotional abuse in a particular foster home or group home and the child or children are still not allowed to go home with their parent or parents when the scenario which the child or children were taken into care in the first place has already been resolved? Why is it, that upon reporting this abuse or abuses in care to the agency in question (an Ontario CAS) the worker(s) bring the child to a different, new foster home instead of returning the child home, when the child could knowingly return home safely? When the agency knows it is harmful to move children from one home to another and another and another, why does the agency continue to abuse this child or these children by moving them through foster homes instead of returning them home where they have already, repeatedly expressed a desire to be.

This case is currently being investigated by the Council. We will publish more information including the agency and names of the staff members involved and the actual details of the reported abuse. No identifying information will be published. If the parent is intimidated from allowing us to publish this information, we will let that be known as well.