Saturday, October 30, 2004

Requests Minister to Initiate a Public Inquiry into death of Jim Malone and CAS Bombing attempt

I would like to make a formal request to the Minister of Children and Family Services for a public inquiry into the death of former CAS Employee Jim Malone of Windsor, Ontario.

I would like to know what drove Jim Malone do execute such a serious act.

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

Complaint to College on Exec. Dir. CAS Windsor

The following is a letter I sent to the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, a regulatory body which disciplines it's members for professional misconduct and other infractions. See letter below:

To: Marlene Zagdanzki,
Complaints Department, College of Social Workers And Social Service Workers:

I would like to lodge a complaint of Professional Misconduct with the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers against Bill Bevan, the Executive Director of the Windsor C.A.S. for the way he verbally and emotionally abused the 14 year old youth who spoke to the media on the background of the truck smashing into the Windsor C.A.S. building incident.

In an interview with the Windsor Star on October 27th 2004 (see attached), Bevan cautioned the public that the youth "needs a lot of guidance and has had a lot of trouble in his lifetime" simply to make the public think this youth is a liar or that he can not be trusted or relied upon as a worthy source of information. Although the identity of this youth was not published, the story can be read by others who know him, or by the youth himself, hence causing emotional harm to the youth.

If Bevan said this to the public, I would hate to imagine what he says about the troubled children and families behind closed doors while making decisions that affect the lives of these people.

If a parent were to verbally and emotionally harm a child, or even
"potentially harm a child" the child could be apprehended. Why is it ok then for the Executive Director of the C.A.S. to hurt this youth and label many other "troubled" youth as unreliable, un-trustworty or liars.

John Dunn
Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Windsor - Man Drives Truck Into CAS Building

When you read this, please pay attention to the Executive Director Mr. Bevan as he pretends not to know why this man would do such a thing, and also notice how he procedes to completely discredit a teen in the care of the C.A.S.. He basically is calling the child a liar by giving the child's background as being troubled.

In my eyes, this is Dispicable and displays the culture of superiority within the agency's toward's it's clients. If this is how he feels about kids publicly, imagin how he feels about kids behind closed doors while making serious decisons on "troubled children's and families lives".

Read this quote from Mr. Bevan:

"Bevan said Malone didn't lodge a single complaint before or after his resignation. He also cautioned that the 14-year-old is a teen who "needs a lot of guidance and has had a lot of trouble in his lifetime."

Why else would he mention this other than to discredit the boy's information and try to minimize the situation. Bevan also goes on to state that Mr. Malone never once lodged a complaint before or after his resignation. In their words, this means that Mr. Malone never offically wrote on paper, and followed proper procedure with filing a complaint with the agency for investigation. This does not mean that he did not exchange heated conversations in the past about money or other issues. This is worth a DEEP investigation.

Malone did this as a means of getting the REAL message out to the public because he knew that THIS would get media attention. Mr Malone, like many others, was finally pushed to a snapping point by the Children's Aid Society.

Globe And Mail Article:

CAS rocked by man on suicide mission
Group home operator angry about cuts: Teen. $1.5 million in damage

Kelly Patrick and Craig Pearson
Windsor Star

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

CREDIT: Nick Brancaccio, Star photo
AFTERMATH: Two burnt propane cylinders remain at the scene after a burning Ford pickup truck crashed into the front of the Children's Aid Society building on Riverside Drive East Tuesday. The driver suffered serious burns and was taken to hospital.

A suicidal ex-Children's Aid Society worker who slammed his fiery pickup truck into the agency's headquarters Tuesday wanted to hurt the agency for "dicking around" with money and staff levels at the group residence he used to run, says a teen at the home.

"The story isn't what he did, it's what CAS does every day," said the 14-year-old male, who can't be named because he's a CAS ward. "They dick everyone, every way they can, to save money. Well, they wound up losing $1.5 million -- not to mention me almost losing a friend."

The teen and other sources said the truck's driver was 49-year-old Jim Malone, an ex-contract employee who in September left his job running a CAS group home at 1641 Lincoln Rd.

Around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, Malone lit a pair of 20-pound propane tanks inside the cab of his blue Ford pickup and sped toward the north facade of the sparkling Riverside Drive East building, said police.


Malone also filled the truck's bed with aerosol spray cans and two five-gallon gas cans. The ensuing blaze caused more than $1.5 million damage.

"Oh, this was intentional," said Windsor Police Staff Sgt. Gerry Corriveau after surveying the wreckage. "He was trying to blow up the building."

Nobody was hurt other than Malone, who suffered second-degree burns to 20 per cent of his body and is listed in stable condition at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital. Malone also stabbed himself at some point during the ordeal, police said. "He's got what appears to be a self-inflicted stab wound to the side," said Staff Sgt. Stefan Kowal, the head of the Windsor police arson unit.

Kowal and fire investigator Shawn Boutette said Malone exited the truck after it struck the building. Malone fell to the ground and rolled across the lawn to a flower bed at the building's northeast corner where rescue workers found him. His prosthetic leg was found in the cab of the truck.

Staff Sgt. Ed McNorton said police haven't decided what, if any, criminal charges will be laid against Malone.

Corriveau said only six of the CAS's 325 employees were inside when the pickup crashed through the building's blue glass walls. None was hurt. Corriveau and local CAS executive director Bill Bevan said it appeared Malone hadn't intended to kill or injure any of his former colleagues.

The building's doors open at 9 a.m. and most employees don't arrive until 8:30 a.m, said Bevan, who refused to identify the driver. "This person knew that (the building would be empty)."

"This person was a well-respected employee," added Bevan.

He said he did not know what prompted the attack. "We don't have any early guesses around that. Let's hope the individual survives, and they can tell their story and we can find out why they would ever think to do this."

The Lincoln Road group home Malone previously ran is the only one of its kind in Windsor, said Bevan. Malone ran the residence from the time the CAS began leasing it three years ago and it houses a fluctuating number of teens. The 14-year-old resident, who has lived at the home for "seven or eight months" said three children live there now.

As he smoked a cigarette across the street Tuesday night, the teen described Malone as a "father figure" and "one of the nicest guys I've known." He said Malone was angry about recent CAS cuts to the group home. "When he first signed the contract there was so much money and a set number of (staff) hours, but they kept lowering it and lowering it," the teen said.

Bevan confirmed the CAS had recently revamped the program's funding to a per-child formula. When asked if those changes resulted in the home receiving less cash overall, Bevan said: "I would say that there's some truth to that. He could have received less money depending on how it worked, but he also could have done quite well with what the program provided."

The teen said Malone talked about taking his complaints to the media, but felt no one would listen. However, he said Malone gave no hint of plans to slam a truck into the CAS building. "I knew he wanted to hurt the CAS and get the idea out that they dick people around, but something like this? No."

Bevan said Malone didn't lodge a single complaint before or after his resignation. He also cautioned that the 14-year-old is a teen who "needs a lot of guidance and has had a lot of trouble in his lifetime."

As for CAS headquarters, Boutette said employees could be back in by early next week.

"Most of the damage was caused by the sprinkler system discharging, so we have a lot of interior damage: carpets, desks, people's property, files, computers," Boutette said.

The first floor sustained smoke and water damage, while the upper floors were damaged mostly by smoke. A prominent streak of black stained the exterior wall of blue glass on Riverside Drive, while several windows were busted out.

"The flames were roaring up the front of the building," said Bob Wilson, a maintenance worker who was inside when the crash occurred. "We had a wall of flame. There were flames four storeys high. And there's lots of water damage inside. Computers were soaking wet."

Ontario social services minister Sandra Pupatello, a Windsor MPP, said ministry counsellors were dispatched Tuesday morning to help CAS employees cope.

"It was quite a traumatic event," said Pupatello.

- - -


Intake services for the CAS will be temporarily located on the first floor of the Cleary Centre. Some CAS workers will be headquartered in Club Alouette. The public can still call the main CAS switchboard at 252-1171.

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Champions For Children Foundation

(This post is being worked on still)

Children have been taken from parents who have physical disabilities and moved into foster homes because their disabilities create a barrier to maintaining the level of tidyness or cleanliness that Child Protection Workers expect of them.

For those parents who are disabled and happen to be on fixed or low incomes, the cost of private house cleaning services is either unattainable. (ie: $60.00/hour)

Publicly funded, non-profit cleaning services are not able to alocate the time required to meet the Children's Aid Society's standards. This puts the children at risk of apprehension, which is a traumatic experience with long-term negative effects for everyone involved, especially the children.

On the Children's Aid Society's own Champions For Children Foundation web site the following quote validates the severity of the long-term negative effects of apprehension on children in care.

"Youth leaving the child welfare system are 12 times more likely to be homeless within a year than other young people leaving home."

Champions For Children Foundation

John Dunn, President of the Foster Care Council of Canada will meet with Barbara MacKinnon, The Children's Aid Society's Executive Director, to suggest the creation of a program which would assist families with disabilities who have had their children apprehended, or who are at risk of having their children apprehended as a result of not being able to meet the Children's Aid Society's expectations on house cleaning to keep their children at home with their family.

If this program is approved, the next step would be to address funding for such a program.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ministry Updating CFSA

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services is now in the process of reviewing the CFSA and we need to hold a meeting on this process.

We need as many community members to contact the Ministry and request that they have input into the proposed changes.

I will make a meeting notice:

Thursday, October 21, 2004

London, Ontario Child Protection Worker Breaks Social Work Act

I have reported to the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers in Ontario that a child protection worker in London Ontario is illegally calling herself a Social Worker when she has has her membership terminated with the College since 2001. I will post the results when they come in.

Gov of Can on foster care

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

CAS Against Disabled Mom

I have recently become involved in a case where the CAS apprehended a pair of brothers from a mother who is disabled, and the reason given was simply that there was a messsy apartment.

We are presently trying to increase home cleaning services to accomodate the mother in order to get her children back.