Sunday, August 01, 2004

Television Appearance

I appeared on Ottawa's NewRO (like City TV) Friday July 30th 2004, at Noon, in order to discuss the Foster Care Council of Canada, and to promote the Meet and Greet on the following Saturday at Inverness Park in Ottawa.

The interview was good, except for my own nervousness and trembling voice. I hate being the centre of attention when it comes to talking! Dave was the host, and he seemed very interested in what we were doing.

Unfortunately the Saturday Meet and Greet in the Inverness Park (Ottawa) had to be cancelled due to Rain. I will be setting up regular meetings soon in a donut shop or Library in Ottawa soon. Stay tuned. Anyone who can assist me with information regarding a meeting place in Ottawa, or your own town, please contact me at

I have initiated a complaint against Pierre Viger, the Director of Professional Standards for not giving a copy of the complaint procedure of the CAS upon request. This is a legal requirement, as stated in section 68(1) of the Child and Family Services Act.

You can download and read the complaints at

I would like to ask anyone on this list if they have ever really looked at all of the features available to us through the lists's home page.
There is a calendar, which members can post events, or special dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, memorials etc. Use your creativity.

I also would ask that you spread the word about both our web site, and our email list. It is vital that we get as many people on this list as is possible, so that we can initiate more discusssion and answer more questions, or generally get more involvement from those who are members.

If you have had your life affected by foster care, please share your knowlege with the list. It is easy. If you have something that you think would be of value to someone else who is experiencing foster care, or family court, post it to and everyone will get it!

John Dunn

Executive Director
The Foster Care Council of Canada