Thursday, April 29, 2004

Access Orders / Reductions

I want to hear from anyone about issues related to Access with the CAS. For example. It seems to me that there is a common theme of the CAS always fighting to reduce slowly but surely parents access visit times from 8 down to 4 hours and similar reductions.

It seems that they slowly over time try to reduce the hours you spend with your child in order to try and "break the bond" then they fight for adoption and "Crown Ward with No Access for the purpose of adoption".

Then, the adoption takes place, and during the probation period of six months in that new adoption something "happens" causing an adoption breakdown and the child returns to foster care again.

This pattern has been showing up so we need to hear from more and more parents out there who can show a trend. The reason I believe for this is funding.

See, if a child gets adopted, the CAS loses in two ways. They lose a foster home, and they lose funding for the child. So there is nothing good for the CAS in actually allowing an adoption to take place. There is no benefit for the CAS in this at all. Only two negatives.

What are your opinions? Please respond by clicking on the title of this message.

Friday, April 16, 2004

CAS Financial Breakdown

I tried calling around today to find out in greater detail, the financial breakdown of the Ottawa CAS's budget. For instance, how much money each year is spent on Legal fees, fighting in court etc.

I contacted Bill Walsh, Director of Financial Services of the Ottawa CAS, who said that the public does not have a right to see such information. He also then told me that I should contact the Ministry of Children and Youth services's Suzan Bahun (Ottawa Regional Office) for more information.

I called the Ministry and spoke with Loraine about this. She then told me I should contact Kathy Neff about this issue. I called Kathy Neff today at 2:04pm to ask for a more detailed financial breakdown of the CAS budget with regards to legal fees incurred by the Agency which have been charged to the Ministry.

Things Improving

I have been invited to act as a support person for a mother who was being visited by the Children's Aid Society, and at the same time, provided this mother with the connections in the community that she required to meet the CAS's concerns.

While members of The Foster Care Council of Canada provided the necessary support to this mother, the CAS investigated, and came to the conclusion that she was doing all that she had to do to meet their demands, and have since closed her file.

I am also invited to attend another meeting soon, which I will, and when the time is appropriate, I will post the information on that case as it becomes available.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Dedication To John Dunn

This is a beautiful poem which was dedicated to me, about my life, and my quest to ensure a higher quality of service to kids in care, from a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

My Monsters

My monsters don't exist in a closet
Or under my bed
I can't hide under the covers
And just play I'm dead

No, my monsters once lived inside me
And they gnawed at me all day
They taunted me with their insults
Cause I was their fated prey

They danced inside my mind
And they lingered in my heart
They knew my innermost secrets
And my innocence they tore apart

No, my monsters once live inside me
And told me not to tell
They told me if I did
That I get sent to hell

They whipped me with fresh scars
Of fear and terror and pain
They induced me with guilt pills
So I could not bear the shame

Now my monsters live

In tall buildings
Behind bullet-proof vanes
My monsters live in houses
With socially approved names

My monsters live in courthouses
Where your life is ironed on papers
My monsters live in mansions
Discussing their latest capers

My monsters live with children
Causing them more grief
I killed my own monsters
But there is still no relief

Yes, my monsters may be
Faded fragments of my past
But I still have my toy sword
Against its sinister grasp

And with it I will wield
A monster of revenge
Against your faulty perception
Of being justice's friend.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Protest of Jack Pantalone Ottawa

Jack Pantalone, and Ottawa Lawyer, has not been fulfilling his duties to represent his client, a nine year old girl who wishes to remain in contact with her mother. We support Tracy in her upcomming protest against Jack Pantalone in front of his office very soon.

New Tricks

The CAS has delivered yet another blow to Tracy, systematically tryng to break her down, but Tracy will not give up. They have now turned it around somehow to go for no access and this against her child's wishes, and the best interests of the child which are documented on paper. They claim that because they told the nine year old girl who loves her mom very much that she can not see her mother anymore, that giving her back visits again would be confusing to her.

They have been visiting each other already and are very happy with these visits, so the Children's Aid Society telling this nine year old girl that she will not be allowed to see her mother anymore is causing her emotional pain each and every day since Christmas.

Contact Barbara MacKinnon at and tell her to stop hurting Tracy's Daughter. Go to speakers corner and mention how terrible it is that a CAS agency which is supposed to help children is actually hurting some and intentionally.

More later...