Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Last night (tuesday night) I met Dementia from and she is going to give me copies of my pictures I lent her that have images of the Sanctuary while it was in mid renovation to be turned into Starbuctuary!

I am very excited and will for sure post them on my web site.

I also had a therapy session today, and don't have time to write about it today but will update later. I was quite struck by the fact that when I see someone engrossed in something they love to do, such as playing the chello, or violin, or being artsy, or what ever... if they are passionately engrossed in it, and have excluded the world while they are doing it, and they are happy, for some reason it makes me want to cry.

Strange eh? Oh well.. it is a good cry. I see it as a pure moment in someones life. When they are happy and are not trying to climb the corporate ladder, or fuck someone over, they are simply... pure.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

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