Friday, February 28, 2003

I am in the process of creating a sign from cardboard in the form of a booth to collect peoples voices on tape in Downtown Ottawa.

If anyone can donate money to me to make a professional sign it would be greatly appreciated. I will get a permit to station myself outside the Ministry Of Family, Community, and Childrens Services (Social Services) at Rideau and Sussex.

Feel free to call me at 613-731-3707 to make donations, or simply to get the sign made yourself to have me pick it up.

It will be a three panel sign of "corplast" or corrugated plastic. Preferably Yellow with black text. Here is how it will look.

A six foot, by three foot coreplast sheet. bent into or cut into three panels. The overall shape will be like a bay window on a house. I will stand behind the sign with a recorder interviewing those who approach me.

The sign wwill look like this....

CAS (Veritically down each side panel)
RADIO down the front centre panel.

I intend to travel Canada with this booth to collect stories on CAS reltated and foster care related issues. Anyone who feels this is a worthy cuase, please hellp me as I need to be free from work in order to do this. I have dedicated my life to this, and hate to ask for money, but we need people who are going to dedicate their lives to this issue exposing the truth, and in general just getting Canadains to feel empowered, and to share their pain.

The interviews will be put on CD to be used in research, and in media as well.

So please help if you can.

John Dunn
Survivor Of Foster Care
Crown Ward
16 years
13 homes

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Last night I was at a womans house who is possibly on her last day today to see her child. All she wanted was access... simple visits.. and they are doing crown ward with no access... she has been clean for almost three years, working, etc doing great for herself.. and all she wanted was simple visits.

The foster family that the girl has been with for three years, wants to adopt, with visitation, but CAS is holding a grudge on her. She is losing her child to systemic ego.. CAS EGO. Plain and simple.

Thursday, February 20, 2003



Jane Scharf at: 1-613-731-3707
1545 Alta Vista Drive #1008, Ottawa, ON

xxxxx xxxx (Call for interview about his/her child and ACTIVE case)
Work: contact john dunn

John Dunn at:
Canadian After Foster Care Web Site



Event location: University Of Ottawa, Morissete Hall Auditorium – 65 Universite Private
We will be located on the corner of Universite Private and Copernicus (One Block South)

Ottawa, On - John Dunn, former crown ward (permanent foster child) of the Toronto Catholic Children's Aid Society (CAS) has been refused access to a Canadian Symposium On The Outcomes of Child And Family Services.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, February 20, 21, and 22nd 2003 respectively, from 8:30am until 4:30pm each day, John Dunn and supporters will be positioned nearby the Symposium at the corner of Copernicus Street and Université Private just off Laurier Avenue, at the University of Ottawa.


Nanci Morris, Office Manager of the Child Welfare League of Canada, refused John Dunn a former foster child, admission to the Canadian Symposium of Child and Family Service Outcomes, scheduled for Februray 20, 21, and 22 2003.

Peter Dudding, Executive Director Of Child Welfare League of Canada, explained John's admission refusal on Thursday Feb. 20th to Jane Scharf, John's advocate as follows:

"Admission to this symposium is by invitation only. This is not the time nor the place for survivors of the child welfare system to tell their story"

John has created the Canadian After Foster Care web site and is conducting a cross country tour in order to raise awareness of the issues that foster care survivors deal with during, and after foster care.

John Says: "I couldn't believe it when I was refused access to this once in a life time opportunity to tell child welfare decision and policy makers how the child welfare system decisions made about me affected me.

My pain when I look over the series of Children's Aid Society decisions that first took me from my family, then bounced me through 13 foster homes in 16 years, including a separation from my brother at age 13, bids me to ask myself endlessly: why do these people not seem to understand how their decisions hurt me, and continue to hurt me today?

By not letting myself and other former foster children be heard as part of the solution they are the problem".

If you are discussing child and family services outcomes, who better to discuss the issues with, than the foster care survivors themselves?"

xxxxx is also available for interviews as his/her case is presently in progress where the CAS is stealing his/her child to Crown Ward status.

After Foster Care Web Site
CD's containing John's story are available by calling: 1-613-731-3707
"BEHIND CLOSED DOORS" - 40 minutes of truth, pain, and music, straight from John's heart

Monday, February 17, 2003

Here I am in Ottawa. And the timing could not be better. There is a great big symposium??? Possum Wha??? Anyhow, there is a great big meeting called "The Canadian Symposium Of Child And Family Services Outcomes".

This big meeting is being hosted by the:

Canadian Outcomes Institute
Child Welfare League of Canada
Family Service Canada
University of British Columbia

The meeting will cover the following items:

The Symposium will bring together interested
persons, researchers, funders and service delivery
experts to discuss outcome models being used
across Canada.

What are the basic underlying values that
agencies need to consider to successfully
produce, use and handle outcome

What formative requirements or what research
and program design requirements are needed
to ensure successful outcome monitoring and
data collection?

What is the conceptual framework we should
strive toward for various types of service?

What are the goals of accreditation programs
and how can standards for outcomes achieve
these goals?

What do existing accreditation and outcome
programs in have in common? Where are
the gaps?

What are the opportunities for working
together to develop partnerships for
accreditation implementation?

How are outcome models successfully
integrated and used within service delivery
and the broader service system?

What technology will organizations need to
monitor and aggregate outcome information?

Below is what they hope the symposium will achieve if "successful"

A successful Symposium will achieve the following:

A greater understanding for participants of
outcome and accreditation models being used
across Canada.

An acknowledgment of commonality and
differences between approaches, processes
and outcomes.

Wide communication of “state-of-the-art”
outcome measurements through a Symposium
publication and relevant journals.

Establish ongoing relationships among key

Action steps for further development / dissemination of the outcome model.

This sounds great and all... but when I called Nanci Morrison, Office Manager of the Child Welfare Legue of Canada, I was told they were full and I could not attend. I asked to be put on the waiting list for cancellations as well, she said she would.

Although she sounded a little terse, I am sure she did put me on the list. I told her I am a survivor of foster care, and that I would like to attend this symposium because I am exactly who "OUTCOMES" focus on and feel I should be able to attend. I have a feeling she was not interested because I told her I do not have the 100.00 to get in, and wanted to know If there is any way they could subsidize me.

Either way, I will be there. I will be there with my advocate Jane Scharf as well to ensure we get entry to this symposium which affects foster care survivors of Canada.

So, just for your information, the symposium will be at the following location and duration:

University of Ottawa,
Morisset Hall – Auditorium
65 Université.
Ottawa, Ontario
February 20-21-22

Here is the overall Schedule of the meet

The Canadian Symposium of Child and Family Services Outcomes
February 20-22, 2003

Sponsored by

Canadian Outcomes Institute

Family Services Canada

Child Welfare League of Canada

University of British Columbia

Ottawa, Ontario
Symposium Location
University of Ottawa,
Morisset Hall – Auditorium
65 Université.
Ottawa, Ontario

For a map of the University go to

Symposium Event Summary

Thursday Feb 20

Day 1 Sessions:

The State of Outcomes in Canada

8:00 Delegate Arrival and Registration
8:30 Welcome and Overview: George Ghitan (Chairperson)

Key Note Address: Nico Trocme
9:00 Morning Presentations

Child Welfare League of Canada and Family Service Canada Standards and Accountability
Issues Kathlene Stephenson and Mike Balla
Outcomes Across Canada (Part 1)
Alberta Address John McDermott
Ontario Address Suzanne Hamilton TBA
Saskatchewan Address Vance Heaney, Dave Rivers, Rob Twigg

10:30 Break

10:45 Outcomes Outside Canada (Part 1)
International Addresses: CARF, Daniel Stavert & Deborah Wilkerson

11:15 Break Out Theme Building Session
12:15 Lunch (1 hr): Lunch Tickets Provided
1:15 Afternoon Presentations

Outcomes Across Canada (Part 1)
British Columbia Address Kelly McKinnon
Nova Scotia Address Carol McMillan & Edward Vale
Quebec Address Pierre Lamarche

2:15 Break

Outcomes Outside Canada (Part 2)
International Addresses: Michigan Example, Kay Hodges
International Addresses: COA (Ann Morison Murphy)

3:15 Break Out Theme Building Session

5:00-7:00: Wine (cash bar) & Cheese on Thursday and Friday from

Friday Feb 21
Day 2 Sessions:
Theme Areas in Outcomes Models and Implementation
Morning Presentations

8:30 Day 2 Introduction , John McDermott (Chairperson

8:40 Ethical Values Paper , Drs. Grant Charles, Jim Ponzetti, & Kelly Ernst

9:30 Break Out Theme Building Session

10:30 Break

10:45 Formative Requirements Paper, Dr. Bryan Hiebert, Dr. Kelly Ernst, Lana Wells

11:35 Break Out Theme Building Session

12:35 Lunch (55 min): Lunch Tickets Provided

Afternoon Presentations
1:30 Conceptual Frameworks Paper, Dr. Nico Trocme

2:20 Break Out Theme Building Session

3:20 Break

3:35 Processes and Accreditation Requirements Paper, Dr. Carol Stuart & Lynn Hamilton

4:25 Break Out Theme Building Session

5:00-7:00: Wine (cash bar) & Cheese on Thursday and Friday from 6 Saturday Feb 22

Day 3 Sessions:

The Practice of Outcome Monitoring & Summary and Action
Morning Presentations

8:30 Introduction , Gordon Phaneuf (Chairperson)

8:40 Integration and Knowledge Transfer Paper, Drs. Jean Lafrance;

9:30 Break Out Theme Building Session

10:30 Break

10:45 Outcome Approaches

Family Service Canada, Kathlene Stephenson
Looking After Children, Robert Flynn, Ph.D.
Canadian Outcomes Institute, Kelly Ernst Ph.D.
Evaluation Examples, Mike Boyes Ph.D.

12:00 Lunch (1 hr)

Afternoon Presentations

1:00 Technology Paper Panel Presentation, Drs. Kelly Ernst, Carol Stuart, Robert Flynn,
Gita Schwartz

2:00 Break Out Theme Building Session

3:00 Break

3:15 Grand Summary and Next Steps

3:15 Break Out Theme Building Session

4:15 Summary and Closing Address: Rapporteur Summary of Next Steps
and Closing Comments

Stay Tuned for more info:

Monday, February 10, 2003

Had a great dinner last night thanks to Sherry and Darrell, and will miss everyone here on the Island I have met so far. If anything, I have made friends for life at least. Thanks to the Harvest House Ministries for putting up with my consistantly delayed and non-existant rent payments, and to all of you for being patient with me on my journey.

I will miss you all.

Also, to Sarah, I wish you the best of luck, and peace with your new baby, and hope everything goes well with you. Please accept all the help you can get and good luck with everything in life, including Mike should things work out there.

I am I guess a little disapointed that my family was not very eager to meet me, but I guess not everyone can be as beautiful a person as my mother Mickey McLeod was. She might have made mistakes in her past, but at least she changed herself, and learned to love everyone, unconditionally. It is a lesson that should be learned by many, and I guess by saying that, I should only say to them, that I love you, you are family, Marlene / Dez McIver? and Wilfred McCloskey, I forgive you for slamming the door in my face when I cam to meet you for the first time as you probably have reasons for being so scared of people... especially family.

What ever my mother might have done in her past I ask you to forgive her because she is such a beautiful woman today in heaven.

It is hard for me to leave the Island (PEI) because it is the place my mother and my two sisters grew up in. As I leave the Island on a bus tomorrow, I will be crying over the 13 Kilometre bridge to the mainland. I will be crying because I have left my mothers homeland.

A place I wish I came to many years ago while she was still alive to take her back to her homeland so she could share her memories and her roots with me. Instead, I came alone... after about 700kilometres of walking, I arrived, beaten, tired, and finally learning how to mourn the death of my sweet mother, Mickey McLeod.

As for my cat, I have arranged a temporary house for her to stay until I get the money to get her back on a flight or what ever I can arrange. I should not have allowed her into my life (the kitty) but after living with her for six months, and sharing many sleeps, and many games, and many chasing each other through the apartment, and after her coming to my side each time I sat on the floor, or lay on the couch crying for my mother and brother, I fell in love with her.

What can I do? So she is now my "little girl" and I will not abandon her. If anything, it has shown me the incredible pain my mother must have felt at losing her kids... her four kids.. I can not believe she remained alive as long as she did.. truely amazing. She was such a beautiful person, and did not deserve the treatment she got.

Anyhow, I am rambling now.. as for my future.. well, I will keep everyone updated.

Immediate plans?


I will be planning a hunger strike to bring about the much needed attention to File Secrecy in CCAS / and CAS agencies. If you support this action, please stay tuned to this web site.

just remember to search the internet for "canadian afterfostercare" and you will always find me!

Good bye, I have to pack for tomorrow...

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Still have not eaten yet, but will eat later tonight as I was invited to someones house for dinner.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Wow, I have recieved from welfare, instead of assistance a bus ticket home. So I have taken it as I have work to do in order to prepair for this summers up-coming hunger strike against the CCAS's file secrecy.

You can read more on file secrecy at (opens in new browser window)

Other than that, todays diet Rice and Worchestershire sauce.. don't have anything else.

Anyhow, welfare bought me a ticket or actually printed out a "promise to pay" slip for the bus station to get me the hell out of their province because they would rather spend the 147.00 on that, then put you on assistance and help you to get ahead, but rather just shift your sorry ass to some other local governments responsibility.

The main problem facing me Tuesday is my cat. I have a cat and the Bus Line says NO CAT! Believe me, when I have no options, this did not go over well. So here is my plan.

I desparately try to find a cat cage from the locals here as i have no money. If I get one, I go to the bus station with cat cage and luggage and computer and stuff.

I give them my voucher and try to sneak on the bus with her. If sucsessful well good. If not, well then it gets ugly. I refuse to leave her here. She is my pet and they have no right to kill her by making me abandon her.

So if they notice and have a problem I refuse to leave the bus, until the cops come. The whole time I will have my recorder going to put the story on (opens in new window)

SMT Bus Lines East should not be banning me from having my cat along for the ride. Anyhow it is going to be an adventure because also there are many stops along the way. So each stop I risk exposure and the chance I end up stranded at some town along the way.

If i could leave her here and have her flown at a later date i would, but I will never have that kind of money.

Airmiles donations would be gladly accepted by anyone who has them? I have until Tuesday to decide.

Anyhow, I still have to pack and I have way too much stuff here, as I did not think I would be moving so quick.. sounds just like normal ... here we go on what move number 39?

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Child Abuse... What Is It...

Child Abuse

What Is It?

What is it.. why does it exist? Because we are natually a violent animal. We have fangs, claws, hair on our whole body... we are animals. Our basic desire is to be violent... Why do I say this.. because it is true.

Sure there might be a few who are kind enough to use logic over instinct, and who restrain themselves from abusing a child, but the basic thing that causes it, is a need for control in the human animal.