Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Last night (tuesday night) I met Dementia from and she is going to give me copies of my pictures I lent her that have images of the Sanctuary while it was in mid renovation to be turned into Starbuctuary!

I am very excited and will for sure post them on my web site.

I also had a therapy session today, and don't have time to write about it today but will update later. I was quite struck by the fact that when I see someone engrossed in something they love to do, such as playing the chello, or violin, or being artsy, or what ever... if they are passionately engrossed in it, and have excluded the world while they are doing it, and they are happy, for some reason it makes me want to cry.

Strange eh? Oh well.. it is a good cry. I see it as a pure moment in someones life. When they are happy and are not trying to climb the corporate ladder, or fuck someone over, they are simply... pure.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Check out my last X-Mass posting

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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Monday, September 29, 2003

Documentary on Judy Finlay and how the government is trying to silence her.

click here

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I have made a request to the City of Ottawa for an information picket (protest type thingy) permit if you are interested in reading this.

John Dunn
Canadian After Foster Care Council
604-108 New Orchard Ave
Ottawa, ON
K2B 5E7

August 01 2003 to August 31st 2003

24 hours, seven days per week

Telesat Court

(At both ends due to the following circumstances)

During the various different times of day, such as morning, lunch, evening, and nights, there are specific traffic flows of pedestrian's who would benefit from this information picket at the two different locations.

I need to be able to adjust my position accordingly. So basically there are two spots. One spot at each end of the street.

One spot is at the East end of Telesat from The intersection of Meadowbrook and Telesat, up to the intersection of the CAS Driveway and Telesat just a bit west up Telesat on the "west" side or Left.

Second spot is at the West end of Telesat which is a Loop turn around point. That loop is surrounded by a walkway to Blair Station on the North arc of the loop, and a baseball park on the south side of the loop. I would like to position myself at the South Side of the Loop near the park or basically the whole "south side of the loop".

I expect there to be between 1 and 10 participants at a time on site at all times.

The information picket which is located outside of the CAS and on Telesat court, is for the following reasons.

1. Disemination of information regarding CAS and Ministry Policies and Practices to educate the public and clients of their rights concerning CAS.

2. Collection of information from CAS clients and interested public in the form of interviews for FOSTER CARE RADIO which will be of their own initiative. (No verbal solicitation on my behalf until they ask first)

3. To collect a list of names / emails of clients who wish to take part in support groups for clients of CAS.

4. To hand out CD-ROM's of my own personal experience's, interviews with CBC Radio, and my own Documentary on my life in foster care.

5. To assist anyone who needs an advocate with CAS should they request it of me I will make myself available to them by being at this location.

I will be on location as the person responsible for the site and can be reached at the information at the top of this request.

Leave Voice Messages with Sue Clark if you do not reach me.

John Dunn

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Foster Care

Suggested Donation: $15.00

The Foster Care Audio CD-ROM is jam packed with almost sixty minutes of emotionally charged personal life experiences, poetry, audio art and music related to foster care. This CD was two years in the making.

You will hear a thirteen-minute documentary which aired on CBC Radio, that takes you on a virtual subway ride through the life of a foster child, (John Dunn) who was moved through thirteen different foster homes in sixteen years.

Get thrown into the mind of foster care survivor, John Dunn in a four-minute abstract piece, which explores his frustration with the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto from them not allowing him to obtain copies of his own personal records.

Listen in as Matt Reigny of CBC Charlottetown interviews John Dunn after his 800km protest walk to the east coast against file secrecy.

Step into a painful, angry moment in John’s adult mind as he prepares to dance in tribute to his mother who committed suicide when he was twenty-eight years old, and much more.

To order your copy, email:

Produced by:
The Canadian After Foster Care Council

Monday, July 21, 2003

Hello everyone. I am presently homeless in Ottawa! What a turn of events. I have slept under bridges, in parks and on beaches. Sounds like a great holiday but the worst part of it all is as follows.

Here are just some notes I have made of being out there.


I need to be able to shower properly or at least I need to get a face cloth which would allow me to wash in public washrooms or in the Ottawa River when I need to.

Soap and shampoo is obtained at the bottom of Bank Street and St Catherines in the church up the ramp where they have hot meals and things for the needy.

A good but easy to carry blanket is needed for night sleeping. Even though it is summer, the nights here are very cold and damp.

I have also found a great need for some sort of padding. I have not been able to get comfortable many nights because of the fact of sleeping on hard pavement or picknic tables and being a skinny little bugger, my bones almost pearce my skin when laying there.

When using a structure such as a bridge to sleep under, make sure to keep a low profile. For some reason people driving by in their cars call the cops to have you removed from sleeping under the bridge. Even though you are way up at the top where the bridge merges with the land, and far from the traffic below, they just have a fear of the homeless and call.

I am then approached by the police and told to move on as I am "loitering". Best bet is to wait until after dark then move in and find a place to sleep.

It is also best to get out of the down town core if you wish to have at least a relatively "safe" sleep. For me, I am quite wimpy so can not handle sleeping with the crowd of homeless under the bridge because they tend to be a little to tough for my liking.

So I have found several bridges in the "out of core" area of Ottawa. One bridge is particularly nice and has lots of privacy basically. I can feel good sleeping up there.

I get a loaf of bread when I can and a jar of Peanut Butter and I am ok. that can last for a couple of days. As for water, just fill up my water bottle when I get to a university or public place to use the tap.

Well at the moment I am still too embarrased to ask for money from people so I have not been "panning". I am too embarrased. Instead, I am living off the money from last months welfare. I get another check soon so I will be ok.

I have no money now, but will have some next week.

that is all for now, but I am learning as I go. Tonight I am at a friends house for the night using the net and sleeping in a nice soft bed. hmm.... how nice.

Take care till next time.

Email me at this link

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

At the moment I am heading to Midland for a visit for a couple of days, then I will be heading to Ottawa to resume my work on foster care issues.

I have a few things to make comment on when I get back to Ottawa next week.

1. The Kennedy Youth Home in Ajax which the NDP makes comment on.
Click Here

2. Children's Aid Societies protecting themselves from public knowlege of years of hidden child abuse in their files and records. How they go about hiding these files from the public including no longer allowing form fourteens to be used, and calling the foster kids files "Society Documents" instead of the personal documents that they really are.

3. Lack of humanity in decisions made by CAS agencies when it comes to kids.

4. My new business which will provide web sites to people who have CAS in their lives, who wish to keep in touch with their kids should they be abducted by CAS for any reason and made crown wards. It might be illegal, but I am determined to promote this idea which is in the best interests of the children to keep in touch with their families if they wish to.

5. I have been invited to a conference. See invite here:
Also, I am pleased to let you know that we are inviting you to attend the conference and the invitational "Think Tank" being held the following day. Please refer to the invitation below for details.

If you accept the invitation, I will need contact information - address, and phone # where you can be reached at.

Also, I can book a flight from Ottawa to Toronto for you and arrange transportation to Kitchener, where you can stay for 2 nights at the Walper Terrace Hotel - August 26th and 27th ( - all free of charge.
You will need photo ID to pick your airline ticket - I hope this is not a problem.

I should also mention that there will be a very diverse group of people attending the conference and the Think Tank - that is, many front line service providers, managers, directors, researchers, community people (the public), and policy makers. We hope the days will be opportunties to learn from our many diverse experiences, values, and opinions, with only minimal levels of conflict. Our research suggests that there are powerful emotions and strongly held beliefs related to child welfare and children's mental health. We hope both days will be an opportunity to listen to each other with respect and try to work together on developing ideas for the future in child welfare and children's mental health.

Here is your "official invitation":

Dear John,

The Partnerships for Children and Families Project cordially invites you to participate in a one-day, invitational Think Tank that follows the ‘Finding a Fit: Family Realities and Service Responses’ conference that is taking place on August 27 at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario.

On August 28, the Think Tank will bring together key community, front line, policy makers, and researchers for an in-depth discussion of common patterns, priority issues, and future directions emanating from the ‘Finding a Fit’ conference. Discussions will focus on the implications and interpretations of the Partnerships for Children and Families Project’s research as well as priorities for innovations in child welfare and children’s mental health services. We would like to extend a personal invitation to you, to attend this timely event.

The Partnerships for Children and Families Project is a five-year Community University Research Alliance funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. We are located at the Faculty of Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University. Our research focuses on understanding the lives and experiences of families and children who are served by children's aid societies and children's mental health services. Our research also illustrates what it is like to work in these settings.

The purpose for the ‘Finding a Fit’ conference is to foster dialogue and emphasize priorities for innovations in child welfare and children’s mental health. Through a combination of large group presentations and smaller group discussions, presenters from the Partnerships Project will share the results from nine of our most recent research projects.

Your participation in the Think Tank following the ‘Finding a Fit’ conference will involve:
1. Reviewing summaries of the nine projects prior to the event (we will provide the written summaries - probably 3-4 weeks prior to the event)
2. Attending the ‘Finding a Fit’ conference on August 27
3. Participation in an in-depth discussion at the Think Tank on Aug 28

Included in your participation at the Think Tank is:
* Free registration for the ‘Finding a Fit’ conference on August 27, including lunch and coffee breaks.
* Round trip airfare from Ottawa to Toronto
* shuttle from Toronto to Kitchener
* Hotel accommodations for the night of August 26 and 27 at the Walper Terrace Hotel in Kitchener (a 10-15 minute bus ride to Wilfrid Laurier campus)
*Breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks will be provided during the Think Tank proceedings on August 28.

To accept your invitation to the Think Tank, or for more information, please RSVP to Sandy Hoy at or (519) 884-0710 ext. 2086.

Please RSVP as soon as possible, as the conference is now full. We are holding places for people invited to the Think Tank - but we are also now running a wait list - so if you cannot attend, please let me know.

I will send you other details when I hear from you again.

Have a good weekend John.


Sandy Hoy
Research Coordinator
Partnerships for Children and Families Project
Faculty of Social Work
Wilfrid Laurier University
519-884-0710 ext. 2086
519-888-9732 (fax)

Thursday, July 03, 2003

I am presently in a town called Norwood Ontario near Peterborough. I am helping a friend move into their new house and have been for the past week.

I will be returning to Ottawa soon, and then will get back to work on foster care radio. At the moment I am not on the net much as today is the first day I have been on in over a week!

I will write more later when I get back to Ottawa

Thursday, June 12, 2003

SONG - Bound By Confidentiality

INSPIRATION: Catholic/Regular Children's Aid Societies Withholding Foster Kids Files

ALBUM - Behind Closed Doors

AUTHOR - John Dunn

MUSIC GENRE - Hard Industrial


Contact me if you are an industrial / electronic musician (hard)

Children's Aid abducted-us, from-our friends and fam-i-ly
Usin' chainsaws of au-thori-ty, to destroy our family tree

This cruel'n-unusual punishment, dished-to low in-come mothers
"I adopted a beauty, for under thirty-thousand dollars"
(In snotty adopters voice)

Bouuuuuuuund by confi-denti-ality
Whaaaaaaaaat a fuckin' phrase

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiding sanctioned child abuse
For over fourty-eight thousand fuckin' days

They waste a million dollars, on fuckin' legal fees
When they could use that money, to help out families

Once youre placed in foster care, you wind up livin' God knows where
Shipped around like fuckin mail, till sixteen years when you can bail

Bouuuuuuuund by confi-denti-ality
Whaaaaaaaaat a fuckin' phrase

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiding sanctioned child abuse
For over fourty-eight thousand fuckin days

To our natural families, we're not allowed to speak
Group Home Staff are too afraid, us dirty-little-rats will squeak

They make our file summar-y, in attempts to satis-fy
They cut out all the shit they did, and leave us with a lie

Bouuuuuuuund by confi-denti-ality
Whaaaaaaaaat a fuckin' phrase

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiding sanctioned child abuse
For over fourty-eight thousand fuckin days

They say our files are se-cret, in-order to protect-us
But in re-al-ity, it's so those fuckers can repress us

The longer they procrastinate, in giving us our lives
The bigger and more fortified, become the Crown Ward HIVES!!!!


Guitaar / Drums hard core!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I have an appointment with my psychiatrists supervisor on Thursday June 12th 2003 at 1:00 to talk about the option of getting copies of my therapy sessions on cassette as I wish to share them with schools of social work.

I understand their fear of some kind of negative reprisals as a result of this, but it is of the utmost importance that these therapy sessions get shared with people who are learning to be social workers, and who will work on the front lines with kids in foster care so they understand the impact, and outcomes of foster care on the children it is supposed to protect.

I am willing to edit out all of her comments, and questions, and will make sure that there is no indication of where I am receiving therapy from, but either way, but I need to do this.

I also need support from others to back me up in this process.

If you can support me on this, please send an email to me at

Thursday, June 05, 2003

June 18 2003

On June 18th, I will be heading into Toronto to complete the second last stage of my complaints procedure on the Catholic Children's Aid Society not giving me copies of my foster care files, and those of my deceased mother.

Discuss it at this message board.

I found a most incredible poem which was written by a goth to a Christian Goth site, which talks to Christians all around. I just thought it was beautifully written, and very thought provoking.

Taken from Psalms of Life

This tale is told from the perspective of a (non-Christian) Goth, being "witnessed" to by (non-Goth) Christians.



We are the people of darkness and fog,
you won't see us in Dockers, or out for a jog.

We don't live in your suburbs, or hang out in your bars,
We don't listen to Kenny G, or drive flashy cars.

We aren't drinking a six-pack while watching pro sports,
or riding a lawn tractor in bright-colored shorts.

When we were young, your friends were all cool;
We were the other kids, in the shadows at school.

Some of you taunted us, (some of you feared),
you said we were uncool, ugly, and wierd.

Did you befriend us? Ha! Not even a chance;
We're not the ones who got asked to the dance.

Now that we're older, and you've settled down,
we still see you sometimes, when you come downtown.

So you've found religion, now isn't that swell?
Now you're all jazzed up on Heaven and Hell.

You're on a new mission, the GothFolk to save,
to snatch us from darkness, on the way to the grave.

What would you say to us, child of the light?
Will you come to where we are, late in the night?

When you find our hangout, will you just stand and stare?
Can you see past black leather and spiked purple hair?

Your Pastor has told you certain phrases work well,
like "If you die tomorrow, are you going to Hell?"

If you say that we're evil, and all full of sin,
will that bring us to your Church steps, eager to get in?

If we do show up Sunday, what happens then?
Will we be warmly welcomed by tie-wearing men?

Will we hear in a sermon, "Thou shalt not smoke or drink!"?
(Will it sound like he really means "Thou shalt not think"?)

Will we hear of the evils of dancing and swearing,
and all that is wrong with the clothes we are wearing?

Will we hear how God's wrath burns against every sinner?
(Will us heathens be welcome at the big potluck dinner?)

If we don't measure up, we can count on a snub,
no, we don't think we're joining your Church/social club.

We wouldn't hear anything likely to please us,
(But we are sort of curious to hear more words of Jesus).

It seems we will stick with our lifestyle of sin,
where at least we're accepted, at least we fit in.

It's a shame that your Church was a drag and a bore,
since we really are hurting, with problems galore.

My best friend is lonely, and can't find a wife,
and last Sunday my girlfriend took her own life.

Others, I know, are not happy, just gay;
Can anyone point out The Truth and The Way?

We have faiths and philosophies by every name,
After a while, they all sound the same.

"Do whatever feels good, and don't worry about it!"
Since I don't feel too good, I'm begining to doubt it.

So we gather together on Saturday nights,
to play our kind of music, away from bright lights.

We hook up and break up, and hook up again,
some men with women, and some men with men.

We drink, and we dance, and we light up our cloves,
while God-fearing Church folk avoid us in droves.

If Jesus were living in this very year,
would He buck the system and visit us here?

Would He come down and join us, knowing what rules to bend,
would He come and sit with us, could we call Him our friend?

When He listened to us, would he look in our eyes?
Would He tell us His stories, so deep and so wise?

Well, He isn't here now, so who knows what He'd do?
Is there anyone like Him? Could it ever be you?

"The Teacher"

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Hello again. Well I have met with Mary McConville (Executive Director of CCAS) , Barb Myland (Disclosure Worker), Alex Duncan (chief legal counsel), my brother Ron Dunn (former crown ward) and myself.

The meeting lasted approximately three hours, and nothing was settled on the records issue other than the fact that now I have learned that the CCAS is bound by policies that Mary and Alex Duncan are going to assist me in finding out how I can go about getting some change to those policies.

I have asked to change the policies that are the CCAS's policies, as well as how to change the policies that the Ministry of Community, Family, and Children's Services have set.

At the moment, I am back in Ottawa, and will continue to post myself outside of the CAS Ottawa for collection of stories from anyone who wishes to say something about CAS, the Ministry, or any of their policies, or practices and life experience stories that they wish to be aired on CKCU 93.1 FM.

I can be reached at 1-613-731-3707 if you wish, or by email at

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Hello everyone. I am alive here again.. been offline for a bit.. but here is an update.

(When you see a link, just use the "right" or "other" mouse button to click on the links I give you, and when a menu appears, choose "Open Link In New Window" if you are using a PC. If you are on a Macintosh computer, hold down your APPLE KEY before you click each link)

I have a newsletter at

I am stationed outside of the CAS office in Ottawa for April 2003

I will be going to the CCAS office in Toronto to meet with Mary McConville the Executive Director of CCAS in Toronto to escalate the complaints procedure about my records that she refuses to give me copies of .

So I will be going there on the 16th of April 2003, at 1:30pm if anyone wishes to accompany me as either media, or as support, or just as someone to be there to witness it. Feel free. I will invite you all in as I have nothing to hide, and will demand that you be let into the room with me as my supporters.

If you wish to co-ordinate with me please email me at so we can work something out for meeting. I will also have my brother Ronnie there who you can see by clicking here

Also, a very kind man has donated a registered .com name to me. Check out " " as I have not yet set it up, but it does exist now.. stay tuned for more info on that.

Remember you can always contact me at 1-613-731-3707 (Ottawa) and just leave a message if you hear "independant consultants" on the machine, that is my friend Jane.

The web site will be updated in the next month or two...

Tuesday, March 25, 2003


I have a couple of things to say. First and foremost, I received an incredible donation of $50.00 on Friday, from a woman who truely believes in what I am doing, and I wanted her to know that I greatly appreciate it. I used $21.00 worth to photocopy 100 (two sided) CROWN WARD NEWSLETTERS, and will do more photocopying (and coffee ;) ) with the remainder for flyers.

So a great big hug and thanks to you for your donation. If you are reading this, and you can contact me please feel free to email me at afterfostercare at

I have been at the corner of Sussex and Rideau in Ottawa since Friday, and will remain there for the month. I am considering relocating to outside of the office of the C.A.S. Ottawa until I leave for Toronto at the end of April or May with my C.A.S. Radio Booth.

I have also made a formal request of the C.A.S. Ottawa media contact person to have a brief interview on a couple of questions, mainly as follows.


Hello there.

My name is John Dunn. I am the webmaster of the
Canadian After Foster Care web site, and the host of
C.A.S. Radio.

I would like to setup a brief interview with someone
at C.A.S. Ottawa to discuss the procedures that
addictions counselling facilities must take when a
client or potential clients reports to them that they
have children.

Please feel free to contact me at the following

John Dunn

Stay tuned here for more updates.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

I have added a new page to the web site... it is photos of myself and my brother when we were kids...

Click Here

Friday, March 07, 2003

Greetings... It is now 1:00am EST Ottawa time.. I just watched Gandhi the movie and have a quote I would like to apply to the CAS not allowing me to have copies of my files, or those of my deceased mother. This quote will go on my web home page.

Gandhi Said

"What you can not do is accept injustice from hitler or anyone.

You must make the injustice visible.

Be prepared to die like a soldier"

This summer, I will be posting myself outside of the Catholic CAS on Maitland Street in Toronto until I get copies of my files, and will also be collecting stories and interviews for CAS RADIO which will be posted to the internet off my site.

Just to let you know I will be setting up in Ottawa soon, have a sign printed on Yellow Plastic Board, with Black Text saying "CAS RADIO".

I will send a permit request to the city of Ottawa Friday, then will begin in the next week or so to be on the street at Rideau and Sussex in front of 10 Rideau the Ministry Of Community, Children and Family Services.

You can contact me by phone for messages at 1-613-731-3707.

I noticed some visitors to my site from the John Howard Society recently and in the past and would love to hear from you. I know there are a high percentage of inmates who have been in foster care and would like to make this issue known.

Friday, February 28, 2003

I am in the process of creating a sign from cardboard in the form of a booth to collect peoples voices on tape in Downtown Ottawa.

If anyone can donate money to me to make a professional sign it would be greatly appreciated. I will get a permit to station myself outside the Ministry Of Family, Community, and Childrens Services (Social Services) at Rideau and Sussex.

Feel free to call me at 613-731-3707 to make donations, or simply to get the sign made yourself to have me pick it up.

It will be a three panel sign of "corplast" or corrugated plastic. Preferably Yellow with black text. Here is how it will look.

A six foot, by three foot coreplast sheet. bent into or cut into three panels. The overall shape will be like a bay window on a house. I will stand behind the sign with a recorder interviewing those who approach me.

The sign wwill look like this....

CAS (Veritically down each side panel)
RADIO down the front centre panel.

I intend to travel Canada with this booth to collect stories on CAS reltated and foster care related issues. Anyone who feels this is a worthy cuase, please hellp me as I need to be free from work in order to do this. I have dedicated my life to this, and hate to ask for money, but we need people who are going to dedicate their lives to this issue exposing the truth, and in general just getting Canadains to feel empowered, and to share their pain.

The interviews will be put on CD to be used in research, and in media as well.

So please help if you can.

John Dunn
Survivor Of Foster Care
Crown Ward
16 years
13 homes

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Last night I was at a womans house who is possibly on her last day today to see her child. All she wanted was access... simple visits.. and they are doing crown ward with no access... she has been clean for almost three years, working, etc doing great for herself.. and all she wanted was simple visits.

The foster family that the girl has been with for three years, wants to adopt, with visitation, but CAS is holding a grudge on her. She is losing her child to systemic ego.. CAS EGO. Plain and simple.

Thursday, February 20, 2003



Jane Scharf at: 1-613-731-3707
1545 Alta Vista Drive #1008, Ottawa, ON

xxxxx xxxx (Call for interview about his/her child and ACTIVE case)
Work: contact john dunn

John Dunn at:
Canadian After Foster Care Web Site



Event location: University Of Ottawa, Morissete Hall Auditorium – 65 Universite Private
We will be located on the corner of Universite Private and Copernicus (One Block South)

Ottawa, On - John Dunn, former crown ward (permanent foster child) of the Toronto Catholic Children's Aid Society (CAS) has been refused access to a Canadian Symposium On The Outcomes of Child And Family Services.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, February 20, 21, and 22nd 2003 respectively, from 8:30am until 4:30pm each day, John Dunn and supporters will be positioned nearby the Symposium at the corner of Copernicus Street and Université Private just off Laurier Avenue, at the University of Ottawa.


Nanci Morris, Office Manager of the Child Welfare League of Canada, refused John Dunn a former foster child, admission to the Canadian Symposium of Child and Family Service Outcomes, scheduled for Februray 20, 21, and 22 2003.

Peter Dudding, Executive Director Of Child Welfare League of Canada, explained John's admission refusal on Thursday Feb. 20th to Jane Scharf, John's advocate as follows:

"Admission to this symposium is by invitation only. This is not the time nor the place for survivors of the child welfare system to tell their story"

John has created the Canadian After Foster Care web site and is conducting a cross country tour in order to raise awareness of the issues that foster care survivors deal with during, and after foster care.

John Says: "I couldn't believe it when I was refused access to this once in a life time opportunity to tell child welfare decision and policy makers how the child welfare system decisions made about me affected me.

My pain when I look over the series of Children's Aid Society decisions that first took me from my family, then bounced me through 13 foster homes in 16 years, including a separation from my brother at age 13, bids me to ask myself endlessly: why do these people not seem to understand how their decisions hurt me, and continue to hurt me today?

By not letting myself and other former foster children be heard as part of the solution they are the problem".

If you are discussing child and family services outcomes, who better to discuss the issues with, than the foster care survivors themselves?"

xxxxx is also available for interviews as his/her case is presently in progress where the CAS is stealing his/her child to Crown Ward status.

After Foster Care Web Site
CD's containing John's story are available by calling: 1-613-731-3707
"BEHIND CLOSED DOORS" - 40 minutes of truth, pain, and music, straight from John's heart

Monday, February 17, 2003

Here I am in Ottawa. And the timing could not be better. There is a great big symposium??? Possum Wha??? Anyhow, there is a great big meeting called "The Canadian Symposium Of Child And Family Services Outcomes".

This big meeting is being hosted by the:

Canadian Outcomes Institute
Child Welfare League of Canada
Family Service Canada
University of British Columbia

The meeting will cover the following items:

The Symposium will bring together interested
persons, researchers, funders and service delivery
experts to discuss outcome models being used
across Canada.

What are the basic underlying values that
agencies need to consider to successfully
produce, use and handle outcome

What formative requirements or what research
and program design requirements are needed
to ensure successful outcome monitoring and
data collection?

What is the conceptual framework we should
strive toward for various types of service?

What are the goals of accreditation programs
and how can standards for outcomes achieve
these goals?

What do existing accreditation and outcome
programs in have in common? Where are
the gaps?

What are the opportunities for working
together to develop partnerships for
accreditation implementation?

How are outcome models successfully
integrated and used within service delivery
and the broader service system?

What technology will organizations need to
monitor and aggregate outcome information?

Below is what they hope the symposium will achieve if "successful"

A successful Symposium will achieve the following:

A greater understanding for participants of
outcome and accreditation models being used
across Canada.

An acknowledgment of commonality and
differences between approaches, processes
and outcomes.

Wide communication of “state-of-the-art”
outcome measurements through a Symposium
publication and relevant journals.

Establish ongoing relationships among key

Action steps for further development / dissemination of the outcome model.

This sounds great and all... but when I called Nanci Morrison, Office Manager of the Child Welfare Legue of Canada, I was told they were full and I could not attend. I asked to be put on the waiting list for cancellations as well, she said she would.

Although she sounded a little terse, I am sure she did put me on the list. I told her I am a survivor of foster care, and that I would like to attend this symposium because I am exactly who "OUTCOMES" focus on and feel I should be able to attend. I have a feeling she was not interested because I told her I do not have the 100.00 to get in, and wanted to know If there is any way they could subsidize me.

Either way, I will be there. I will be there with my advocate Jane Scharf as well to ensure we get entry to this symposium which affects foster care survivors of Canada.

So, just for your information, the symposium will be at the following location and duration:

University of Ottawa,
Morisset Hall – Auditorium
65 Université.
Ottawa, Ontario
February 20-21-22

Here is the overall Schedule of the meet

The Canadian Symposium of Child and Family Services Outcomes
February 20-22, 2003

Sponsored by

Canadian Outcomes Institute

Family Services Canada

Child Welfare League of Canada

University of British Columbia

Ottawa, Ontario
Symposium Location
University of Ottawa,
Morisset Hall – Auditorium
65 Université.
Ottawa, Ontario

For a map of the University go to

Symposium Event Summary

Thursday Feb 20

Day 1 Sessions:

The State of Outcomes in Canada

8:00 Delegate Arrival and Registration
8:30 Welcome and Overview: George Ghitan (Chairperson)

Key Note Address: Nico Trocme
9:00 Morning Presentations

Child Welfare League of Canada and Family Service Canada Standards and Accountability
Issues Kathlene Stephenson and Mike Balla
Outcomes Across Canada (Part 1)
Alberta Address John McDermott
Ontario Address Suzanne Hamilton TBA
Saskatchewan Address Vance Heaney, Dave Rivers, Rob Twigg

10:30 Break

10:45 Outcomes Outside Canada (Part 1)
International Addresses: CARF, Daniel Stavert & Deborah Wilkerson

11:15 Break Out Theme Building Session
12:15 Lunch (1 hr): Lunch Tickets Provided
1:15 Afternoon Presentations

Outcomes Across Canada (Part 1)
British Columbia Address Kelly McKinnon
Nova Scotia Address Carol McMillan & Edward Vale
Quebec Address Pierre Lamarche

2:15 Break

Outcomes Outside Canada (Part 2)
International Addresses: Michigan Example, Kay Hodges
International Addresses: COA (Ann Morison Murphy)

3:15 Break Out Theme Building Session

5:00-7:00: Wine (cash bar) & Cheese on Thursday and Friday from

Friday Feb 21
Day 2 Sessions:
Theme Areas in Outcomes Models and Implementation
Morning Presentations

8:30 Day 2 Introduction , John McDermott (Chairperson

8:40 Ethical Values Paper , Drs. Grant Charles, Jim Ponzetti, & Kelly Ernst

9:30 Break Out Theme Building Session

10:30 Break

10:45 Formative Requirements Paper, Dr. Bryan Hiebert, Dr. Kelly Ernst, Lana Wells

11:35 Break Out Theme Building Session

12:35 Lunch (55 min): Lunch Tickets Provided

Afternoon Presentations
1:30 Conceptual Frameworks Paper, Dr. Nico Trocme

2:20 Break Out Theme Building Session

3:20 Break

3:35 Processes and Accreditation Requirements Paper, Dr. Carol Stuart & Lynn Hamilton

4:25 Break Out Theme Building Session

5:00-7:00: Wine (cash bar) & Cheese on Thursday and Friday from 6 Saturday Feb 22

Day 3 Sessions:

The Practice of Outcome Monitoring & Summary and Action
Morning Presentations

8:30 Introduction , Gordon Phaneuf (Chairperson)

8:40 Integration and Knowledge Transfer Paper, Drs. Jean Lafrance;

9:30 Break Out Theme Building Session

10:30 Break

10:45 Outcome Approaches

Family Service Canada, Kathlene Stephenson
Looking After Children, Robert Flynn, Ph.D.
Canadian Outcomes Institute, Kelly Ernst Ph.D.
Evaluation Examples, Mike Boyes Ph.D.

12:00 Lunch (1 hr)

Afternoon Presentations

1:00 Technology Paper Panel Presentation, Drs. Kelly Ernst, Carol Stuart, Robert Flynn,
Gita Schwartz

2:00 Break Out Theme Building Session

3:00 Break

3:15 Grand Summary and Next Steps

3:15 Break Out Theme Building Session

4:15 Summary and Closing Address: Rapporteur Summary of Next Steps
and Closing Comments

Stay Tuned for more info:

Monday, February 10, 2003

Had a great dinner last night thanks to Sherry and Darrell, and will miss everyone here on the Island I have met so far. If anything, I have made friends for life at least. Thanks to the Harvest House Ministries for putting up with my consistantly delayed and non-existant rent payments, and to all of you for being patient with me on my journey.

I will miss you all.

Also, to Sarah, I wish you the best of luck, and peace with your new baby, and hope everything goes well with you. Please accept all the help you can get and good luck with everything in life, including Mike should things work out there.

I am I guess a little disapointed that my family was not very eager to meet me, but I guess not everyone can be as beautiful a person as my mother Mickey McLeod was. She might have made mistakes in her past, but at least she changed herself, and learned to love everyone, unconditionally. It is a lesson that should be learned by many, and I guess by saying that, I should only say to them, that I love you, you are family, Marlene / Dez McIver? and Wilfred McCloskey, I forgive you for slamming the door in my face when I cam to meet you for the first time as you probably have reasons for being so scared of people... especially family.

What ever my mother might have done in her past I ask you to forgive her because she is such a beautiful woman today in heaven.

It is hard for me to leave the Island (PEI) because it is the place my mother and my two sisters grew up in. As I leave the Island on a bus tomorrow, I will be crying over the 13 Kilometre bridge to the mainland. I will be crying because I have left my mothers homeland.

A place I wish I came to many years ago while she was still alive to take her back to her homeland so she could share her memories and her roots with me. Instead, I came alone... after about 700kilometres of walking, I arrived, beaten, tired, and finally learning how to mourn the death of my sweet mother, Mickey McLeod.

As for my cat, I have arranged a temporary house for her to stay until I get the money to get her back on a flight or what ever I can arrange. I should not have allowed her into my life (the kitty) but after living with her for six months, and sharing many sleeps, and many games, and many chasing each other through the apartment, and after her coming to my side each time I sat on the floor, or lay on the couch crying for my mother and brother, I fell in love with her.

What can I do? So she is now my "little girl" and I will not abandon her. If anything, it has shown me the incredible pain my mother must have felt at losing her kids... her four kids.. I can not believe she remained alive as long as she did.. truely amazing. She was such a beautiful person, and did not deserve the treatment she got.

Anyhow, I am rambling now.. as for my future.. well, I will keep everyone updated.

Immediate plans?


I will be planning a hunger strike to bring about the much needed attention to File Secrecy in CCAS / and CAS agencies. If you support this action, please stay tuned to this web site.

just remember to search the internet for "canadian afterfostercare" and you will always find me!

Good bye, I have to pack for tomorrow...

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Still have not eaten yet, but will eat later tonight as I was invited to someones house for dinner.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Wow, I have recieved from welfare, instead of assistance a bus ticket home. So I have taken it as I have work to do in order to prepair for this summers up-coming hunger strike against the CCAS's file secrecy.

You can read more on file secrecy at (opens in new browser window)

Other than that, todays diet Rice and Worchestershire sauce.. don't have anything else.

Anyhow, welfare bought me a ticket or actually printed out a "promise to pay" slip for the bus station to get me the hell out of their province because they would rather spend the 147.00 on that, then put you on assistance and help you to get ahead, but rather just shift your sorry ass to some other local governments responsibility.

The main problem facing me Tuesday is my cat. I have a cat and the Bus Line says NO CAT! Believe me, when I have no options, this did not go over well. So here is my plan.

I desparately try to find a cat cage from the locals here as i have no money. If I get one, I go to the bus station with cat cage and luggage and computer and stuff.

I give them my voucher and try to sneak on the bus with her. If sucsessful well good. If not, well then it gets ugly. I refuse to leave her here. She is my pet and they have no right to kill her by making me abandon her.

So if they notice and have a problem I refuse to leave the bus, until the cops come. The whole time I will have my recorder going to put the story on (opens in new window)

SMT Bus Lines East should not be banning me from having my cat along for the ride. Anyhow it is going to be an adventure because also there are many stops along the way. So each stop I risk exposure and the chance I end up stranded at some town along the way.

If i could leave her here and have her flown at a later date i would, but I will never have that kind of money.

Airmiles donations would be gladly accepted by anyone who has them? I have until Tuesday to decide.

Anyhow, I still have to pack and I have way too much stuff here, as I did not think I would be moving so quick.. sounds just like normal ... here we go on what move number 39?

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Child Abuse... What Is It...

Child Abuse

What Is It?

What is it.. why does it exist? Because we are natually a violent animal. We have fangs, claws, hair on our whole body... we are animals. Our basic desire is to be violent... Why do I say this.. because it is true.

Sure there might be a few who are kind enough to use logic over instinct, and who restrain themselves from abusing a child, but the basic thing that causes it, is a need for control in the human animal.

Friday, January 31, 2003

People have always told me I should eat better... I am starting to think so myself. As I get older, I am starting to notice the effects of not eating well. For about the past fourteen years, I have basically lived off Mr Noodles ;) (All Hail The Noodle Gods)

I have had so many different reasons for being weird about food.

1. I hate cooking
2. I don't know how to cook
3. Cooking takes far too long (Mr Noodle take too long... sometimes I eat them raw)
4. Frying scares the shit out of me as I worry about flames outbreaking all the time (abuse issues)
5. I have worried that cancers and stuff like that are a population control and are part of our manufactured food chain
6. I feel Noodles are safe from this mucking around
7. No real point here just wanted to make seven not feel left out and blank
9. No in German

So there ya go. Anyhow, I have decided to make an entry daily or as often as I remember on what I ate today.

Starting with today.

1. Pot of Rice with ketchup (don't have anything else)

Thursday, January 30, 2003

A letter I sent to the Aylmer Family web site, and about 50 politicians and media ;)

Re: Childrens Aid Society

A Letter to Aylmer Family Web Site And All Concerned:

My name is John Dunn. I am a former Crown Ward of the Catholic Childrens Aid
Society of Metropolitain Toronto, (Exec. Dir. Mary McConville)

I would like this letter to be published in any location you wish it to, as
long as it holds true to it's original form.

I would also like to request an exchange of web site links

I do not personally support using objects to punish a child.

I do however believe the following.

I John Dunn, after living in the foster care system in Ontario for sixteen
years of my life, along with my brother Ron Dunn for most of those years,
feel that a life in foster care, can be absolute terror, and torture for
many of the kids who end up in the system.

My brother and I were moved through 13 foster homes before we were 18.

My brother and I suffered abuse in foster care, by foster parents.

My brother and I suffered neglect by the foster care agency known as the
Catholic Children's Aid Society.

My brother and I lost more friends than can the human spirit can handle
while under the authority of the Catholic Childrens Aid Society Of
Metropolitin Toronto.

My brother and I went through more schools than most Canadian citizens.

I am going to give some examples of what I have suffered while in foster
care, and only for a four year period in the same home.

I used to wet the bed, and as a punishment for wetting the bed, I would be
taken down into the basement by a foster father, and sat repeatedly on a
wood burning stove until my pajamas would sizzle.

I was also pushed head first into that same wood burning stove, while the
coals were glowing inside.

I had the foster parent kneel down in front of me and put plyers on my penis
in order to scare me out of wetting the bed.

I also one day had my head stuffed into and flushed in the bowl of the
toilette because I made it over flow with a large bowel movement. I remember
thinking I was going to drown and die.

We had our hands burned by matches for playing with matches in the Cement
basement of the house.

(Potentially reasonable punishment
with the severity of potential outcome
of playing with matches)

I am not going to go on about other things I have seen, but I just wanted to
give you what I have had happen to me.

As a result of those punishments, I now have a severe fear of fire, gas
(explosives) and anything flamable which makes me fear engines, ovens,
compressed gas canisters and the like. These fears directly impede my
ability to obtain employment in many areas of work due to my terror of fire
such as welding, engine / auto work etc.

Also, growing up, I was so scared to use a toilette, I ended up trying to
hold my bowel movements much longer, causing me to soil my clothes until my
late teens.

This caused me incredible emotional trauma at school as kids found out,
because I tried to take my bowel movements at school in the forest, or
behind the school getting caught and ridiculed, spat on, and kicked, simply
to avoid using a toilette which might flood, making me absolutely terrified.

I also used to take bowel movements into a shoe box and throw it out the
window at the age of 12, almost six years after the fact, for fear of
flooding a toilette.

Even to this day, I get a panic when I flush a toilette. This is something I
know will not happen to me today, but I still feel a terror when I see the
water rising in the bowl.

As a result of the constant moving from foster home to foster home, I have

never been able to have constant friends growing up
always been the new kid in school
never was able to form any hobbies or skills as they were always being
uprooted and interupted
have my life frozen in 13 time periods where almost anything triggers
memories of those places, and people such as smells, sights, songs, and
did not meet my mother until I was 10 years old
did not meet my two sisters until I was 10 years old
was separated from my only brother who was my whole family most of my life
when I was 13 years old
These are just some of the results of moving through multiple foster homes
that i can whip off the top of my head while writing this email.

I have written this letter as a show of support in some, but not all issues
with your Family Aid Initiative.

Even to this day, the Catholic Childrens Aid Society and other Child
Protection Service Agencies, are keeping quite busy hiding all of the abuse
that has been inflicted upon far too many of the innocent children in foster
care which is documented in the files that were kept on these children who
were abused in the system, or neglected in the system by their "legal

I know this as a fact, because I have been trying for two years to obtain
simple photocopies of the files they kept about my life in foster care with
absolutly no success what so ever.

The Catholic Childrens Aid Society of Toronto, and more specifically, Mary
McConville, the Executive Director of this said agency, claim that the
reason for not ever allowing the files or copies of the files to leave the
secure confines of the CCAS building itself are to ensure the "physical and
emotional" well being of third parties mentioned in the files.

This is a blanket statement as far as I am concerned which descriminates
against all former foster kids calling them violent, and malicious people
with intent to hurt anyone from their past.

There is nothing farther from the truth. As everyone who knows me today
would testify, I have no anger towards those who have abused me. I do have
the abuse as issues in my life, but no anger towards the individuals

What I do have, is torture and anger over the agency keeping my life and the
life of my mother, whom I loved very much since I met her, at age 10 until
she committed suicide from the overbearing guilt of having her four children
stolen from her, and dragged through an abusive system mounting in me as
they refuse to give me copies of the files I have been requesting for two
years now.

They claim that the files will potentially harm myself in reading them as
another excuse. But I have since pushed to the point of being allowed to go
into the building and view copies of some of the files with names blanked
out of all dentists, psychiatrists, teachers, foster parents, and anyone
else who is a part of my past, but even still, they will not let me take
them off the property of the CCAS.

The reason they are not letting people have copies of the files, outside of
the building is because of one thing, and one thing only.

The files, are written, documented proof of abuse and neglect administred by
the foster care agencies them selves. In those documents I read about the
abuses I had done to me. Do you think they would ever let that out of the
building on their letter heads, and forms? Never. Would you if you were

I can only imagine the public outcry if those files were able to be made
public without peoples names even. The public would not beleive the horrible
attrocities being committed to families who are of low income, and mental
disorders, or falsly accused, as well as the life long tortures of being
dragged throught the foster care system, labelled as a foster kid, trouble
maker, someone who's family did not want them (untrue) and so on and so on.

I admit I have anger and hurt inside from the agencies not allowing me to
have copies of MY life. And I also admit to having a clean criminal record,
not being voilent, and no matter how angry i may become on this issue, I
would never commit a violent act upon any member of the agency or against
any one in my past.

These files are the only connection I have to my past, as I do not have any
association with anyone before my age of 18 years old. This is the only
reason I want to have copies of the files of MY life and of my Mothers life
before she killed herself.

I am ready and willing to go public on my life in foster care, and if you
ever need to get hold of me, please contact Jane Scharf at or
myself at

I have so much more to say, but this has been enough for now.

But I do have a motto for my own life, and only my life, which anyone can
quote me on anywhere, that says...

"If you are going to be abused, it might as well be at home"

John Dunn
Foster Care Survivor
Webmaster of:

Canadian After Foster Care Web Site

Foster Care Internet Radio
(have your say on public internet radio)

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

I just found a document on my computer and it is a transcription of something my neice wrote to her daddy. Her daddy being my brother, and her being in a happy relationship with her mother so CAS stay away.

Anyhow, with the depression that my brother suffers from due to the repeated traumas in foster care, he has a hard time dealing in life, so he tends to be rather alone. He keeps to himself, and drinks much and often.

This is what I could not help but notice when I saw a card she wrote him and what it had in it. He loves his little girl more than anything, but he told me once he fears letting her down, and that he is not a good father, etc, (but he is amazing with her) I just wanted to share this writing from her heart.

To Daddy:

I love you. I miss you. Why did you livfe my life?
plaese come back!. You were a great dad to me!
I'm losing you in my heat.
I do not want that to happen.

(Sad Face Picture)


Note: It is about loving someboty

I love you ___, so much___ I do not know what to do___ho!ho!ho!___ I love you Dad___ you are so so so___, caring I do not know what to think___, of you___ow,a ow___, beccuse___, you___, are___, so___, ni___ice, to me ___e, and so thoughtful to me_e.

If you love me___, You___, we would be___loving___each other___, and caring___, about_, each___, other___.

I love you___, so much___, I do not know what to do___, ho!ho!ho!___, I love you___, DaD___, you are so so so___, caring I do not know what becouse___, you___are___, so___, ni___ice, to me___e, and so thoughful to me___e.


Friday, January 24, 2003

I would like to first and foremost say that I went into foster care at the age of 18 months old. I did not go into care because I did anything wrong, or committed a crime.

I am not a criminal of any kind, and hence am quite confused as to why Mary McConville is treating me, and thousands of other former foster kids like we are.

Please read this and tell me what you think by emailing both me and Mary McConville, by clicking on the following link Click Here

Hello there.

I just wanted to know if it is ok that the citizens of
Ontario's tax dollars go to a Mary McConville,
Executive Director of Catholic Childrens Aid Society
Toronto, at a sum of $141,171.18 annually, in order to
have her simply ignore my repeated requests as a
former crown ward of their agency for sixteen years of
my life, for my records ABOUT ME and my DECEASED
MOTHER which I am legally entitled to, and have the
full support and permission of my birth family.

She has not once replied to me exept the very first
time I asked two years ago and she just bounced me
back to the department that said I had to ask her.

For two years I have been trying to get copies of the
records she holds in the archive room on me and she
refuses to give them to me.

She claims that "all former foster kids are violent
and malicious" and will either physically or mentally
harm the people mentioned in those documents such as
former foster parents, doctors, psychiatrists,
teachers and anyone else mentioned in them.

I have given her permission over and over and over to
blank out the names of these third party people, and
have also told her (via email) that I find it
descriminatory based on Family Status to say
all former foster kids are "violent and malicious".

If I had of wanted to commit any act of violence
against anyone mentioned in the documents I would have
already. I have been out of the system since 1988 and
am 32 years old.

I have a clean criminal record, and am so far from
violent it is not funny. Having been abused in foster
care all my life I am so timid I could not hit a fly.

Anyhow, if this is where our tax dollars are going,
simply to hide the agencies from public scruteny, well
I don't know what to say.

Canadian After Foster Care Website

CBC - OUTFRONT My Show Aired Sept 12 2002 11:45am CBC RADIO
Canadian Stories By Canadians (Yes You!)

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Got pics of my brother from a good friend Bossy.... here he is folks, my beloved brother who stuck with me and protected me while I was in foster care all those years till the CCAS separated us when I was 13.

I love you Ronnie

Saturday, January 18, 2003

What is going on today.. well it is saturday night, and it is minus 18 and i have no cash so what else am i supposed to do? You guessed it... sit on the computer and chat, write emails, edit the web site, pray for a job, and write to my journal.

I know I know, some of you right now just said, hey dude, prayin for a job is not going to get you one. Well if you take the time to read on, you will see I have been very active in trying to find a job. Also, as of Friday I gave Trapeze Animation the references he asked for, plus a couple of reference letters, and links to my web site which he asked for.

I am hoping it is enough to get me in, but I highly doubt it as there are apparently a swamp of applications for the Job and many of those are probably quite farther ahead than I am on computers.

So we will see what happens. If I do not get the job, I will be applying to E.I for the self employment assistance and will hopefully be able to start my own computer repair service. On the foster care front, well nothing realy new here. I have left Mary McConville of the Catholic Childrens Aid Society alone for a while and will again be asking for her answer in writing as to why I am not allowed to have my copies of my files.

I have also asked the web editing company if they could explain to me when the deadline is for the CCAS to allow me to ad a link to their site because CCAS told me they would not add my site on their links page because they have a contract with the the web editing company called Digital Eve that says they can not add or change the web site for six months after digital eve finished with it.

I think I will send that email to digital eve as they might not belive me.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Today I am preparing for a great potential Job Interview wth a 2 and 3-D animation company called Trapeze Animation. I have recieved a great reference letter from my very good friend Jane Scharf see below.

Daniel Eayrs
Studio Producer

Trapeze Animation Studio

tel. (001) 902 368 7700

fac. (001) 902 367 7710

Dear Daniel:

This will confirm that John Dunn did an extrodinary amount of
volunteer work for the Coalition to End Child Restraints from April
2002 until the current time.

He put up our Website promotes and manages the site which we are very

He also helped compose and distribute other material and helped set up
and execute two protests in Ottawa.

I found John very cooperative, conscientious and enthusiastic while
engaged in a team effort. He made significant contributions to the
creative and intellectual
content of our project.

I could relay on him to deliver on all commitments he made to our
project in a professional and
timely manner.

He will be a great asset to any enterprise.

Coordinator of CECR, Jane Scharf

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Well, the fun part of the year is over, and I have since renovated my web site to change it's entire focus and objective. Please take a visit to it and see what I mean.

I have added an After Foster Care Internet Radio page, and have also got a competition going at the site to create a logo for the After Foster Care Internet Radio Station as well.

You can go see the site by clicking here. You will not loose this Journal as it opens in a new web browser. So when you are finished with the web site, you simply close that window, and you will be taken back to here automatically.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

New Years Day... 3:33am.. everyone outside is drunk, fighting, arguing, driving drunk, and here I am, my first sober New Years eve... alone in an apartment in Charlottetown PEI... not drinking, but I have a bottle of rum here if I really want to.. but I don't...

I am just thinking it is not that bad.. I miss the Vatikan very much... but I will survive. (The link opens in a new window so you will not loose your spot here.)

I am workin on my new version of the 2003 web site for release, and listening to winamp's stations. Very good service. I can even broadcast myself. Which brings me back. I am going to start a Canadian Foster Care Radio Show. I would like this show to be on the internet and to involve YOU!

If you have something to say, and would like your voice heard on the station, all opinions are heard, and read on the air. I would love your feedback on the idea of a foster care radio station as well.

Go to my site and join the discussion club at