Monday, December 23, 2002

I read today on the internet that the Law Commission of Canada is doing a discussion paper on how child protection services have been harming kids in care and it's affects on them as survivors.. this is the first progressive thing I have heard about in a very long time thanks to Heather Cleary of .. um.. BC I think.

I highly recommend you go to the following link and print it out and get your own input into this study as soon as you can.

Law Commission Report

Sunday, December 22, 2002

today is Sunday. Sunday before x-mass. On tuesday it will be x-mass eve. I still have not heard back from any of the places I have applied to for work. So I guess I will try walking door to door to offer computer help and maybe even "trips to the store" for 2.00 each trip or something.

Anyhow, this morning I woke up crying again. CBC radio had some choir music on, and i was having a dream about my mom. I can't remember exactly what it was.. I think I was dreaming that I was at a church and hearing everyone singing, which made me cry because I know how much my mom would have loved that moment.

I want to tell everyone who will be with family this time of year to actually try something different this year. Start asking your parents about their history.. their past.. where they used to live.. and maybe.. just maybe, propose going on a trip with them to their old homeland.

It could be such an incredibly powerfull moment for you and them to bond. No matter what familiy circumstances are, you can suggest this. Most people would love to go back to their old home town and to show their kids where they walked, ate, went to the movies..

I think about this because here I am out in Charlottetown, PEI, where my mother was from. I am walking on the same streets she used to walk along, and past the bars she probably used to drink in.

I just wish I could do it with her here.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

I was just talking to someone on msn today and she told me I sound aggressive to her. I agree that if you did not know me, and just began reading this you would think I was an aggressive person. But the case is two years old, and I have not once been in trouble with them for being aggressive.

When I go into a meeting with them, I am nothing more than an empty weak little shell with my head down who can barely look them in the eyes because I feel so shitty about myself. This is my normal status in the world. But online I can say what I wish to say.. I get out what I need to get out.

Online, I am the person I wish I were. So when you read this, realize that Mary has nothing to be scared of with me and my emails started out from the beginning calm and mellow. Even professional.

She is the one who has escalated this issue to the level it has been escalated because they fear desparately not releasing the foster kids documents to the public for fear of mass law suits because the documents hold proof of abuse in the foster care system.
Another Letter I Sent In Return To Mary's Refusal To Allow Me To Have My Files


From: "John Dunn" | This is Spam | Add to Address Book
Subject: Rejected Again...
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 20:41:15 -0400

Barb, and Andrea, please notice that Mary McConville is playing you guys like a flute. Using you as a human sheild to do her dirty work.

She can not even return a simple phone call to me. How pathetic is that.

Anyhow, she told me through poor little Andrea Prussey or what ever her name is, that she will not even give me the files after we had a meeting, even if we were to have that meeting!

So in other words, the decision was there right from the start over two years ago to NOT let me have the files and this whole "Meeting" thing as I suspected was just a way to purchase time for herself and keep me off her back.

Well this issue will not die, and i know you guys support me, and also that you unfortunately have jobs to keep, so you have to be forced to kiss Mary's Hind Quarters and I respect that.

Me on the other hand, can not handle being treated like shit and dis-respected by someone who thinks she is better than me just becaue she has a normal family and has a hate on for those who have "dysfunctional families".

Also her nasty remarks about me, calling me a "scumbag" and a "pest" and lying about me being "violent" is very upsetting and I will be letting the media know about this as well.

It could have been so simple.

1. John makes request.

2. Mary reads it and says, oh sure no problem, lets just block out the names so you psycho killer ex foster kids don't go killing anyone who abused you while you were in care, and we will mail it right off to you.

3. John Dunn gets the package, and feels like a human being who is respected by the agency that acted like his parents his whole life.

4. Plain and simple.

PS: Mary... It's hard to fight and win against a man who has nothing to lose... no self respect, no dignity, and no history. Have a nice xmass!

PSS: Attached is my web log which is there keeping track of all emails sent back and forth. As well as a pdf file of the entire web site for any staff who wish to see it. Print it out now and pass it around... before Mary Catches ya!

Also attached is an mp3 audio file which I am passing around to all the universities promoting my site as a PSA (Public Service Announcement)

Friday, December 20, 2002

Just got a call again from CCAS. Mary McConville, again, was protecting herself from any legal implications by getting someone else to talk to me instead of herself. She has no regard what so ever for my well being, and has been avoiding me since the first day over two years ago.

Anyhow the answer was NO she is not giving me my records. Or my mothers records which I am legally entitled to.

The battle will continue.
This blatent dis-regard for peoples lives is what the CCAS is all about. They are about making money and getting funding, and stealing kids. Then, when you are an adult and out of care, you are nothing more than dirt.
Yet another letter to CCAS Today...


Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 12:05:08 -0500 (EST)
From: "John Dunn - Afterfostercare" | This is Spam | Add to Address Book
Subject: Meeting With Mary McConville

I have been waiting still for a call from Mary
McConville about the meeting we have been talking

She refuses to talk directly to me for some reason so
could you please ask her for me then return a call to
me as I am 400.00 in the hole with my phone bill and
can not afford to call her.

She makes over 141,000 per year so she can afford to
call me. And tell her she has nothing to fear from me
as I have not yet been irate with anyone.

Unless of course she is just playing the legal game of
"say nothing, and you can not be legally implicated"

Anyhow, here is the question I have for her.

About This Meeting she wants me to have.

If this meeting she wants me to have with her is only
going to end up in me not getting copies of my files,
and those of my deceased mother, which according to
CCAS policies, are legally entitled to me as next of
kin anyhow, tell me why I need to spend 280.00 dollars
to get a ticket to go to Toronto to find this out.

If she is going to have this meeting with me and let
me have copies of my files, I would rather just get
the files from her via mail as I can not afford to get
down there to pick them up.

I give full permission to mail these documents to me
in full CCAS letter head, and I have no
confidentiality issues what so ever.

Only those who have something to hide use
confidentiality.. I have NOTHING to hide.

Thanks Very Much
John Dunn

Canadian After Foster Care Website

Thursday, December 19, 2002

I finished handing out the flyers yesterday and will do some more Friday, but we will see how it goes.

Other than that, I have started to write the first script for my upcoming "other money making idea" ;) called Charlottetown Community Radio. It will be an internet based show, which will discuss local business, events, community organizations, and personal thoughts on things.

I am going to paste the little bit of a script I have so far, for you to get an idea of what is running through my head.

------------paste here-------------

Hello there, and welcome to the preview edition of Charlottetown Community Radio! I'm your host John Dunn and today's date is December 20th 2002. This show is just a warm up to the actual show, which will start broadcasting officially on December 24th 2002, which is by the way, Christmas Eve.

This preview edition of Charlottetown Community Radio will allow me to work out the bugs before getting the actual show up and running, as well as give you a feel for what's to be expected from the show.

Transcripts of each show will be made available for purchase at a cost of $10.00 each, which helps support Charlottetown Community Radio, by calling me at 902-368-3018. and asking for John Dunn, or, if you get the machine, just leave your name, number and/or email address, and ask to purchase a transcript, giving me the date of the broadcast transcription you wish to purchase.

The preview edition of Charlottetown Communtiy Radio (that's this broadcast) will be available FREE, online, at the web site, which is located at , under the "Transcripts" page.

With the holidays fast approaching, I have to say first and foremost to those of you who celebrate Christmass, that I wish you a very merry Christmas, and a safe holiday season for each and everyone of you.

I would also like to remind you that if you are drinking during this time, to please think twice about hopping in your vehicle to drive home, or where ever you are going, because all it takes is one second to destroy someones life for ever, or to kill someone... and it happens all the time. Don't let it be you, or someone you know!

As a matter of fact, I have called the local Charlottetown police, and gathered some statistics on drinking and driving related injuries and fatalities in and around the Charlottetown area.

Contacted 369-4172 Hellen MCGuigen.

She called back giving me.. Gail MacDonald of the Records Department (awaiting response)

(MADD Contact Info Needed As Well)

To all those who do not celebrate Christmas, but celebrate different festivities, I wish you a very happy time within your own celebrations, and will admit I am ignorant of the various cultural celebrations and would like to hear from anyone who would like to teach me a little bit about what you are celebrating during this time of year, and a description of how you celebrate it with various rituals and traditions, even meal preparation if you are so inclined.

I know Charlottetown has a largely "Invisible" "visible minority" population and would love to hear from you as I am interested in all cultures, and their celebrations.

So there ya have it. ;) My latest mental brain storm.
PS:Still no response from CCAS on my message I sent out to them and the media which you can read below.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Today I printed out a poster for my emergency dishwashing service and one for my computer repair service. I am going to use the fifty bucks I was given as a wonderful gift today for making some music CD's for someone to get the posters photo-copied.

I am going to go around and start handing out these flyers and see if I can start working independantly.

Wish me luck folks.

I have also added a special "x-mass edition" home page to my site. See it Here

Monday, December 16, 2002

Well, it is Monday. Monday Morning. I have an idea to try to make some money. I will start a local internet based community radio station which will act as a hands free local information service. This way when someone would like to tune into local events and information, they can go to the web site, click on the play button, and listen while they do cleaning around the house, or watch the kids, or what ever else needs to be done.

I am asking for organizations and companies to advertise or submit event notices etc, and donations will be the service fee, either at a monthly basis, or bi-weekly.

Again, another business idea that will fail miserably. ;)

But, at least I am trying to think of ways to make money, and pay my 400.00 phone / internet biill and rent. ;)

Ouch! Any Jobs Out there?


Saturday, December 14, 2002

Letter I sent out to the media and to the Public Relations email of the CCAS. (Catholic Children's Aid Toronto)

I am a former foster kid (Crown Ward) of the Catholic Childrens Aid Society of Metropolitain Toronto. I was in foster care under their control for sixteen years of my pre-adult life.

I have been to the Catholic Children's Aid Society Of Metropolitain Toronto several times and sent several emails to Mary McConville, the executive Director, asking her why I am not able to have copies of my files, and those of my deceased mother. The whole time she has done nothing but avoide direct contact with me, and descriminate against me, and thousands of other former foster kids based on family status calling us all violent and dangerous.

I am requesting publicly, again, that she please respond to me in person with her answer, not through new students who are working with her, or new employees half my age who tell me "I am new and don't really know the history of your case" when replying on the phone to my requests.

This has been two years now, and I am not happy with the answer I have been given already that "based on my family status, of being a crown ward, we can not give you copies of your personal files because you will cause physical or emotional harm to the third parties mentioned within the files. She is descriminating against me / us stating we are all violent, and will cause third parties mentioned in the files physical or emotional harm.

As I have stated in the past, I don't need to see the third parties names, she is more than welcome to blank them out, but I wish to obtain copies of my files, and those of my deceased mother. This treatment of former foster kids is extremely demoralizing, and the years of abuse under their care was bad enough, I don't need this in my adult life as well.

The Childrens' Aids are the only organizations who are exempt from the Freedom Of Information and Privacy Act. Why? Covering for years of abuse...? Just a thought.

Thanks Very Much
One of the kids the CCAS "USED TO" care for.

John Francis Dunn

PS: I am also accepting annonymous confidential stories from staff who are not happy with the goings on within the system, and how kids and low income families are treated, and descriminated against as well as former foster kids. You may do so by mailing any information you have to my land address, or email, or phone, which is on my web site on the contact page. I will be making a documentary on the findings when I am done.

See below
5:30am... just woke up... my hip is killing me, and my right hand.

I hurt my hip while walking to PEI and my hand, well that was just an angry young man move.. but still today hurts like arthritis.

I also have a cold, err.. since I have been to the Island, I have been sick three times... that is since August!

Still not working, but will go 'round today to see about getting welfare because I was supposed to pay rent yesterday (bi-weekly) but have no money.

Friday, December 13, 2002

Well, Mary got her rookie assistant to call me instead of talking to me herself. Mary has avoided talking directly to me since day one.

Not once has she talked to me about this. I used to think she was scared that I was going to be too agressive with her, as she thinks all former crown wards are violent offenders, and are out to harm people, but now I realize that is not the case with me.

With me, she is just keeping herself from any legal implications by keeping her mouth shut on this case. She is illegally holding my files from me, and by not saying anything herself, she is keeping herself from implications.

Nice work Mary, I am mighty proud of you. And remember, it is simple for you to simply ask everyone I have talked to in your little organization, and to see that I have not once been aggressive with them. So feel free to call me. If you care about your former crown wards that is.

I highly doubt it as you are running a business and when we are out, we are out. No hard feelings, but you could at least aknowlege me, and make me feel like a human being, instead of hiding behind fresh kids from school who are interning under you, or my old social worker Myron Klymko, who you had call me instead of you talking to me, as well as Barbara Myland who you are also using as a buffer between the two of us.

Now please ... all I ask is a simple answer. If you are asking me to have an appointment with you, in order to tell me why you will not give me my files, I see no reason to pay two hundred and eighty dollars on my very limited income, not like your $141,000.00 income, (Obtained From Ontario Ministry Of Finance) to get to Toronto, only to find out you are NOT going to give me my files anyhow.


enough about her. She is only ignoring me anyways. Now about me. I am presently unemployed still, and Watts gave me a rejection letter. I think i was too honest. I told her when she asked me "what are your plans for the future, your goals and where do you see yourself in five years?"

I honestly told her I do not plan the future, I just let life happen as it does, and I live for the moment. As a tech support peron this is the best way to be. But I think maybe she just did not like me. But that is ok .


I will find work eventually...

Feeling really hurt by Mary McConville though.. very disapointed.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Prince Edward Island - First Posting

At the moment, i am unemployed. I have a two bedroom apartment in Charlottetown PEI, for a wonderful $480/month, but just have to land a job. I have been trying to get myself going with my computer business at but I really know that that will only be a sideline income for me.

As for my foster care records, I called Mary McConville today and left a message for her to ask her to call me back and inform me as to why I need to travel 1,000km to have a meeting with her, if she is only going to deny me the records anyhow.

See, if she is going to give me my recods, why have the meeting? Why not just mail them to me as I have requsted so many times. This is so demoralizing to feel that she simply does not think I am worth the cost of postage to mail me my records.